Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe Q1: What name represents the letter "M" in the NATO phonetic alphabet?? a. Mark b. !Mike c. Matthew d. Max Q2: What is the defining characteristic of someone who is described as hirsute?? a. Funny b. Rude c. !Hairy d. Tall Q3: Rolex is a company that specializes in what type of product?? a. Sports equipment b. Computers c. !Watches d. Cars Q4: After how many years would you celebrate your crystal anniversary?? a. 20 b. 10 c. 25 d. !15 Q5: Which of the following buildings is example of a structure primarily built in the Art Deco architectural sty a. !Niagara Mohawk Building b. Westendstrasse 1 c. One Detroit Center d. Taipei 101 Q6: What country saw a world record 315 million voters turn out for elections on May 20, 1991?? a. !India b. Soviet Union c. United States of America d. Poland Q7: What year was Apple Inc. founded?? a. 1974 b. !1976
c. 1978 d. 1980 Q8: Which slogan did the fast food company, McDonald's, use before their "I'm Lovin� a. Why Pay More!? b. Have It Your Way c. !We Love to See You Smile d. Making People Happy Through Food Q9: What was the original name of the search engine "Google"?? a. !BackRub b. CatMassage c. SearchPro d. Netscape Navigator Q10: A statue of Charles Darwin sits in what London museum?? a. Science Museum b. !Natural History Museum c. British Museum d. Tate
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