Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: Scotch whisky and Drambuie make up which cocktail?? a. Sex on the Beach b. Manhattan c. !Rusty Nail d. Screwdriver Q2: In the Morse code, which letter is indicated by 3 dots? ? a. A b. C c. !S d. O Q3: What was the destination of the missing flight MH370?? a. !Beijing b. Singapore c. Tokyo d. Kuala Lumpur Q4: According to the United States' CDC, one in how many Americans die annually due to smoking?? a. !Five b. Twenty c. Ten d. One hundred Q5: Amsterdam Centraal station is twinned with what station?? a. !London Liverpool Street b. Brussels Midi c. Paris Gare du Nord d. Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof Q6: What was Mountain Dew's original slogan?? a. Get' that barefoot feelin' drinkin' Mountain Dew b. Give Me A Dew c. !Yahoo! Mountain Dew... It'll tickle your innards! d. Do The Dew Q7: In a 1994 CBS interview, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates performed what unusual trick on camera?? a. Standing on his head b. !Jumping over an office chair
c. Typing on a keyboard during a handstand d. Jumping backwards over a desk Q8: Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died from complications of which form of cancer?? a. Stomach b. Bone c. Liver d. !Pancreatic Q9: Which slogan did the fast food company, McDonald's, use before their "I'm Lovin� a. Making People Happy Through Food b. !We Love to See You Smile c. Have It Your Way d. Why Pay More!? Q10: What was the name given to Japanese military dictators who ruled the country through the 12th and 1 a. Shinobi b. !Shogun c. Samurai d. Ninja
039; It" slogan?? 19th Century??
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