Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe https://www.youtube.com/@firebirdtech Q1: Which of the following Ivy League universities has its official motto in Hebrew as well as in Latin?? a. !Yale University b. Columbia University c. Harvard University d. Princeton University Q2: After how many years would you celebrate your crystal anniversary?? a. !15 b. 10 c. 20 d. 25 Q3: What did the Spanish autonomous community of Catalonia ban in 2010, that took effect in 2012?? a. Mariachi b. Fiestas c. Flamenco d. !Bullfighting Q4: Which of these is the name of a Japanese system of alternative medicine, literally meaning "finger a. Ukiyo b. Ikigai c. Majime d. !Shiatsu Q5: What is the Swedish word for "window"?? a. Hål b. Ruta c. !Fönster d. Skärm Q6: What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet?? a. Kappa b. !Omega c. Mu d. Epsilon Q7: Which iconic Disneyland attraction was closed in 2017 to be remodeled as a "Guardians of the Gal a. Peter Pan's Flight b. The Haunted Mansion
c. !Twilight Zone Tower of Terror d. Pirates of the Caribbean Q8: Where does water from Poland Spring water bottles come from?? a. Bavaria, Poland b. !Maine, United States c. Masovia, Poland d. Hesse, Germany Q9: Which country has the most Trappist breweries?? a. Netherlands b. France c. USA d. !Belgium Q10: What is the currency of Poland?? a. !Złoty b. Ruble c. Krone d. Euro
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