Document provided by Firebird Tech, please subscribe Q1: What name represents the letter "M" in the NATO phonetic alphabet?? a. !Mike b. Max c. Mark d. Matthew Q2: What was the destination of the missing flight MH370?? a. Kuala Lumpur b. Tokyo c. Singapore d. !Beijing Q3: What alcoholic drink is mainly made from juniper berries?? a. Rum b. Vodka c. !Gin d. Tequila Q4: What is the romanized Russian word for "winter"?? a. Vesna b. Osen' c. !Zima d. Leto Q5: When was Hubba Bubba first introduced?? a. 1980 b. !1979 c. 1972 d. 1984 Q6: What was the original name of the search engine "Google"?? a. SearchPro b. !BackRub c. Netscape Navigator d. CatMassage Q7: Which country has the most Trappist breweries?? a. USA b. !Belgium
c. Netherlands d. France Q8: Which American manufactured submachine gun was informally known by the American soldiers that use a. Colt 9mm b. !M3 c. MAC-10 d. Thompson Q9: What is the highest number of Michelin stars a restaurant can receive?? a. Five b. Four c. !Three d. Six Q10: Directly between the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool is a memorial to which war?? a. Vietnam War b. American Civil War c. American Revolutionary War d. !World War II
ed it as "Grease Gun"??
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