COM295T Week5 Discussion.

Internet communication has been gradually replacing traditional phone-based and face-to-face communication for several years. While the internet and social media have made global communication easier, it has raised ethical questions for many users. Watch Social Media Ethics from PBS. Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Reflect on social media postings you make, personally and professionally. Identify a way in which ethics impacts how an individual develops a credible persona online. After watching the PBS video on Social Media Ethics, I am a bit put off by the content and question my involvement; however, not to the degree that I would cancel my social media accounts, just use more caution and self-awareness. When I initially signed up on social media it was to connect with friends and family. I intended to share my personal journey of accomplishments, travel experiences and professional goals. I only allowed people with whom I have known on a personal level to join my page to avoid the "internet trolls" with phony identity pages. Then extended my involvement by adding a business page when I was an Independent Fitness Instructor with my own business and a Dance Instructor for a well-respected franchise known worldwide. Regarding how ethics impacts a credible persona online. My posts on a personal level are usually positive and focused on realistic life observations and do not include negative posts about politics and religion as these are controversial topics that only lend to negativity in some cases. Although I see posts with personal opinions about current events, I develop my own opinion about individual and how they deliver their perception of the post then decide whether they should remain a "friend". It is not about judging someone and how they feel about life, it is more about their emotional and cultural intelligence and how they may impact others online and I prefer not to be associated with people who are not empathetic to others views and feelings albeit good, bad, or indifferent. That being said, your credibility is definitely established by not only
the choice in posts you share and the source of them, your comments about others' that you may not agree with also plays a part in that credibility.
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