Unit 6 LJ OS

Reflection Topic Figuring out and understanding a student's learning style is one good way to be a successful academically and many other ways. Furthermore, it provides a feeling of individuality and targeting since it arises to knowing how people tends to work for you, and someone's capacity to fully integrate. After some reading I understood that the learning style is divided into four types of groups, and the acronym VARK stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and Kinesthetic. These strategies help understand the learning style. How I personally, was struggling to identify my learning style, and most of the when I took various surveys and quizzes to acknowledge my learning style it claimed to be different every time. This process of learning helped me identify what my learning style was. I have understood my learning style is multimodal, and it wasn't a surprise, when considering the fact, I like to communicate and interact with others, listen to different people's opinions and most important I always prefer more than on strategy for learning and communicating. The questionnaire claimed I was Visual 2, Aural 6 and Read/write 8 and Kinesthetic 10. This brings me to also acknowledge being visual, that I prefer working with drawings as well, such as maps, designs and graphs but it is not very much needed. However, when it comes to Aural, I do prefer talking, paying attention to other people's responses to learn from it, explaining my ideas to learn new ideas, and especially, sometimes listen to myself speak. Next, when it comes to read/write, I always use lists, paragraphs, using text books and dictionaries, as well as papers on word usage patterns, write notes and I read densely written books, essays, manuals, and reading lists.
Kinesthetic, I always prefer autobiographies and documentaries, collaborating with others; taking action; bringing things to fruition. Practical problems and problem-solving approaches based on physicality. Completing tasks and results that are measurable Now that I have stablished my learning style, I can adapt and apply the knowledge to what I have learned by: 1. "Convert notes into a learnable package by reducing them from three pages down to one page" ( Read/Write Strategies | VARK , n.d.). 2. "Read summarized notes aloud" ( Aural Strategies | VARK , n.d.). 3. Do some "additional" reading that has been suggested quietly ( Read/Write Strategies | VARK , n.d.). 4. Recall certain things I learned previously and apply on my work. 5. "Attend classes, tutorials and discussions" ( Aural Strategies | VARK , n.d.). 6. Ask questions. 7. Discuss the issues with my instructor and schoolmates. Explain new concepts to other ( Aural Strategies | VARK , n.d.). 8. Experiment with translating the graphics back to words to make the writings more innovative and creative. 9. Keep practicing, to improve my learning. 10. Read case studies for a better understanding on the subject. 11. I will look through my writings to spot any patterns.
Reflecting back onto my studying strategies, certain habits have not been very effective. Continuous reading without and sort of interaction or communication has not been quite helpful for me in comparison to my learning style. I have struggled to work by myself ever since I was in first grade, and moving from an entirely different study environment to a completely online platform has been very challenging. However, after studying this week's studying strategies, I have been able to look deep into what my learning style is, it has helped me realize where I need to make changes and know what I have been is correct or wrong. Especially, to engage in discussions, look for patterns and learn from what I have done before. After this realization, without a doubt I will make adjustments to improve my learning styles. References Aural Strategies | VARK . (n.d.). VARK - A Guide to Learning Styles. Retrieved March 11, 2021, from https://vark-learn.com/strategies/aural-strategies/ Read/Write Strategies | VARK . (n.d.). VARK - A Guide to Learning Styles. Retrieved March 11, 2021, from https://vark-learn.com/strategies/readwrite-strategies/ APA EXERCISE 1. Costello, L. (2016). Evaluating demand-driven acquisitions . ProQuest Ebook Central https://ebookcentral.proquest.com 2. (Costello, 2016).
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