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"Profession for Women" and "Feminist: What Were They Thinking" Articles Virginia Woolf's speech "Professions for Women," tells women that it is simple to find work and make money without upsetting the "family purse" and the "family tranquility." Women working would increase the "family purse" along with the men's income, and if the woman wasn't at home to care for the children, cook, or clean, it would disturb the "family tranquility" (Virginia Woolf, 1923). The positive and cheery tone used throughout the article provides the reader with the sense that the author overcame self-doubt to control her racing thoughts. Woolf warns her audience that difficulties are inevitable for women who hold jobs, but overcoming them is what distinguishes her work as a profession. Contrast plays a significant role in this discourse about women in professions. For instance, the title contrasts "Women for Professions" by pleasantly expressing the idea of what must be done for one to reach their desired career, Woolf discusses her lifestyle as a writer in her essay. "Feminist; what were they thinking" is an original documentary that interviews women feminists from the photo book emergency by Mac Adams. The stereotyped image of a feminist has evolved throughout time, from an old woman who enjoys stirring up trouble to enlightened man-haters. This video offers a comprehensive understanding of the feminist movement and how it has impacted all women through its perspective on the people involved. I discovered that feminism is fundamentally about giving women a voice in society because so many have been silenced and told to keep silent for so long. Regardless of whether or not some people agree with them, they are speaking their thoughts. Taking back control of one's body and being proud of it for oneself rather than to impress others are other aspects of feminism ( Munsell, 16 October 2018) . I think in class we need to discuss feminism and how it affects society.
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