Mustapha Ahmad M4U1 Submission

MODULE 4 UNIT 1 Activity submission
Learning outcomes: LO1: Articulate the value chain activities for a particular industry. LO2: Examine a firm's decision to vertically integrate or outsource activities in its value chain. LO3: Evaluate whether or not a firm should vertically integrate the activities in its value chain. Name: 1. Instructions and guidelines (Read carefully) Instructions 1. Insert your name and surname in the space provided above, as well as in the file name. Save the file as: Mustapha Ahmad M4U1 Activity Submission - e.g. Lilly Smith M4U1 Activity Submission. NB: Please ensure that you use the name that appears in your student profile on the Online Campus. 2. Write all your answers in this document. There is an instruction that says, "Start writing here" under each question. Please type your answer there. 3. Submit your assignment in Microsoft Word only . No other file types will be accepted. 4. Do not delete the plagiarism declaration or the assignment instructions and guidelines . They must remain in your assignment when you submit. PLEASE NOTE: Plagiarism cases will be investigated in line with the Terms and Conditions for Students. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please ensure that you have checked your course calendar for the due date for this assignment. Guidelines 1. There are 6 pages and 1 question in this assignment. 2. Make sure that you have carefully read and fully understood the questions before answering them. Answer the questions fully but concisely and as directly as possible. Follow all specific instructions for individual questions (e.g. "list", "in point form"). 3. Answer all questions in your own words. Do not copy any text from the notes, readings, or other sources. The assignment must be your own work only. | [email protected] +44 203 457 5774 (UK) | +1 224 249 3522 (US) | +27 21 447 7565 (SA) Page 2 of 7
Plagiarism declaration 1. I know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is to use another's work and pretend that it is one's own. 2. This assignment is my own work. 3. I have not allowed, and will not allow, anyone to copy my work with the intention of passing it off as their own work. 4. I acknowledge that copying someone else's assignment (or part of it) is wrong and declare that my assignments are my own work. 2. Mark allocation The question is worth 30 marks. However, you will only receive a final percentage mark and will not be given an individual mark for the question. Refer to the rubric for the mark allocation. 3. Question Before attempting this question, read through the information provided about Gap and Zara in the notes included in this unit. Reminder: You are not required to conduct independent research for this submission. However, if you wish to make use of additional sources outside of the course material, you will need to reference these sources correctly. Please consult the Course Handbook in the Orientation Module for guidance on referencing requirements. In-text citations and reference lists are not included in the word count of your submission. Having worked through the content in this unit, you should now have a good understanding of the concept of vertical integration, and why some firms pursue this strategy while others outsource some of their activities. Considering what you now know about Gap and Zara's strategies, answer the following questions: a) What is a company's value chain? Which activities do you think are typically included in the value chain of a clothing manufacturer such as Zara or Gap? Your answer should be between 100 and 150 words in length. Start writing here: A company's value chain encompasses all the steps in creating a product, from gathering materials to reaching the customer. For clothing manufacturers such as Zara or Gap, this | [email protected] +44 203 457 5774 (UK) | +1 224 249 3522 (US) | +27 21 447 7565 (SA) Page 3 of 7
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