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Written Questions Assessment Task 1 (200 words for each Answer) Describe at least six (6) communication processes and methods for effective communication. Six communication processes for efficient communication are: Verbal communication: the simplest form of communication is verbal communication as in this the speaker communicate through use of words. It can take place in groups or one-on one environment. For the listeners to pay attention to the speaker, the speaker must be fluent in speaking, and must have a clear, and proper tone. Nonverbal communication. It is a type of communication in which the presenter makes the use of body language, eye contact and face expressions to convey his/her thoughts to the audience. It has a strong effect on the verbal message being delivered. Written communication: in this type of communication, the presenter uses his/her words to communicate. The individual can communicate via different platforms such as emails, reports, letters etc. The written communication must be in clear without any grammatical mistakes. Visual communication: it involves the use of pictures, graphs and figures to communicate the ideas with the audience. Visual communication plays a much greater role as compared to verbal communication. This is because visual communication assist in communicating complex concepts and thoughts. Active listening: it involves focusing on what the speaker is saying and participating by
giving your suggestions and asking queries. It requires concentration and empathy. Feedback: it involves giving suggestions and valuable information to the sender regarding the message received. Feedback must be specific and must be delivered efficiently and on time.
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