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Questions The most successful thing about this project is that I was able to understand and analyze the article hence coming up with a better conclusion on the messages the author want to deliver. I believe this is the most important thing because without understanding the overall message, it can be hard to write an accurate analysis. I struggled in understanding how the authors achieved their purpose. I was not getting enough reasons to support my points. I only thought that the use of examples in the article was the only way that the authors achieved their purpose. However, I later realized that the authors also used past research findings which made the article to look credible. In my effort to revise, I had to read the questions first and then reading the article. By doing that, I was able to easily answer some of the questions the right way and to comprehend the article well. I also used the workshop feedback to reflect on my writing skills. The workshop feedback also helped me to improve my writing skills especially grammar and paragraph construction. As you assess this assignment, I would appreciate if I can know the areas that I need to improve so that in the next coming papers, I can start practicing early and also consult where I don't understand.
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