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Nov 4, 2023
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1 The dark side of social media and the risks presents to public relations Student's name Institution Affiliation Instructor Name Course Date of Submission
2 The dark side of social media and the risks presents to public relations Technology in the 21 st century has been a drastic improvement in development and innovation. It has created a clear advancement and development of different areas and sophisticated social media platforms; hence, it has promoted effectiveness through innovations. The most significant side of social media, which is considered unimportant in various sectors, is that social media has enabled companies, organizations, and brands to achieve their business goals. It has enabled maximum connection with the target populations, primarily through the advertisement of goods and services (Page & Parnell, 2017) . Citizens around the globe, government agencies, and public services deliveries in this century take place through the internet as an impact of the technology. However, social media has some dark side which causes unintended consequences to the public. Most occurrences of the dark side of social media include addiction, cyberbullying, trolling, the hunt, privacy abuse, and fake news. Many innocent consumers are affected by fraudsters using social media to conduct fake business operations or activities by performing unprecedented social media experiments. Social media has been associated with various labels of envy, depression, anxiety, decreased social media skills, loneliness, and narcissism (Page & Parnell, 2017) . Many people who use social media platforms have been considered low self- esteem, which has impacted their day-to-day activities negatively. The saddest incidences that social media has causes include murders broadcast via Facebook or tweeter platforms which in the end has causes people to have suicides. The platform has created tragedies that impacted the audience's behavioral consequences of self-harm or suicidal thoughts. Living the age of social media platforms creates the live stream of information that envies the consumers who use the platform for personal gains to create an activist account to
3 gain more power than other consumers ( James et al., 2015) . Digital drama has been a witnessed in many social media platforms that enable the consumers to exhibit the desired of self-interest these implication causes identities of the conflict in society while comparing the consequences with an unauthentic image. Public relations and social media depend entirely on communication that includes amplification of massaging and control of real-time messaging activities. It has allowed a transparent environment of friendly to all stakeholders and business operations which its outcome is creating a new marketing area of marketing relationship. Many social media platforms fear the risk of misleading information presented in social media, leading to addiction. It causes people to lose the real sense of the actual people( Lawrence, 2020) . The media use of email causes malicious infection of the data that may hack devices and steal sensitive information important in an organization. Hackers and frauds use most social media platforms to send viruses and spoof information from computer devices, damaging the devices. Social media affects the self-esteem of people using the platform. These may cultivate loneliness and lack of friendship; using social media for an extended period may harm self-esteem. It is defined by various researchers that social media causes mental health problems and suicide through cyberbullying or the native information propagated in many social media networks ( Dorinda, 2016) . Social media platforms such as mobile phones cause physical issues and psychobiological problems, which include difficulty in focusing, eyestrain, which is considered an essential aspect of human health. However, more prolonged use of social media platforms causes health conditions such as depression and a lack of clear motives for teenagers.
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