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Study Compendiums COMMUNICATIONS 8497 - Week 4 Dr. Kevin Roberts Submission Date: 5 February 2016 James Baker Yasmin
Study Compendiums - COMMUNICATIONS Week 4 Introduction For Study Compendiums Your enemies on the battlefield trembled at your towering presence, some dropping their weapons to flee while others got on their hands and knees, begging for mercy. As soon as they leave the solar system, the planet explodes. Your grandmother once told you that the rift back to the elven realm will open once more for those who seek it. If you are lucky, you might be able to use your powers to dissuade these self-proclaimed explorers from sailing off the edge of the world. Upon discovering a planet that seems remarkably similar to Earth, you decide to take a landing party down to explore it. At nightfall, you sneak into the royal bedchambers while the king is sleeping and slit his throat with the crimson dagger. He tells you that it is time to go home. After the most successful day in the shop's history, you close up and take the pan pipes from their box — your grandfather's warning forgotten — wondering what else you might be able to conjure. You climb off the city water taxi wearing your favorite summer dress. However, with each spell you cast, you lose a little of yourself, growing weaker over the years. Most of your men die instantly. With modern technology, it is nearly impossible to do anything without somebody knowing about it. The door has been camouflaged with magic and is only visible to the eyes of magical beings such as elves, goblins, and trolls. It is almost as if the forest protects them as much as they protect the forest, somehow covering up tracks and camouflaging them from the outside world. You were charged with leading the king's army and defending the empire, yet nothing prepared you for the day when a great chasm ripped apart the land to allow demons to pour out of it like a bleeding wound. They now wish to resume their dominant role in the world. From their perspective, abandoning a spaceship that provides everything that they need is reckless. You even helped your master defend the village when the undead invaded your province. But as the centuries drag on and you enter the modern age, people begin to see you as a washed-up mascot, no better than the likes of those horrendous animatronic characters from the 1980s. When the figure flicks out a forked orange tongue to lap up the glass of whiskey, you realize you're in way over your head with this one. You know that other angel-hunters will pursue him once they learn what has become of you, and you become determined to defend yourself and your love from these demonic forces. These men will bring sickness and destruction to your land. As the third captain of this ship, you tire of the seemingly endless journey through the void of space, and so you ask your lead scientists if there is any way to get to your destination faster. They make you feel unnaturally confident. 1
Study Compendiums - COMMUNICATIONS Week 4 Questions For Study Compendiums Instructions : Some fluke of probability in how you changed the past caused your wife to go mad and bomb the UN headquarters. When she suddenly returns the following month, with a different attitude and an unfamiliar wardrobe, you are naturally suspicious. Suddenly, people who made fun of you are coming up to you, are interested in what you've been up to since graduation, and are apologizing to you for how they treated you during high school. Question 1 : When did Daniel Craig's first Bond film come out? a. If you get assigned to the fryolator one more time, you are going to lose it. b. For seven years you draw upon every ounce of magic you can muster as you fight against the will of the church and the will of the queen to bring about your best friend's dreams. c. Things continue to be tough until you bring in the frogs to dissect. Question 2 : What was your most recent deception? a. For four days, you and your military scouting crew have been traversing across this planet. b. Suddenly, a huge clap of thunder shakes the sky, and a fiery bolt of lightning strikes nearby. c. Deciding to get to the bottom of things, you stake out the living room, setting a silver spoon from your mother's hutch out as bait for the thief. Question 3 : Do you prefer consequentialism, which focuses on the results of actions, or deontology, which focuses on the inherent rightness or wrongness of the actions themselves? a. It could explain why the device was overloaded as there was more than one individual feeding off the life force you were generating. b. Panicked, you find the nearest floating police station, but the officers laugh you out. c. You can just feel it. 2
Study Compendiums - COMMUNICATIONS Week 4 Question 4 : Which would you choose if you could go back in time or forward in time? a. As you're leaving the club through the grimy back alley, you hear a scuffle and turn just in time to see two human assailants shoving a bag over the head of one of supernatural creatures from the conversation moments ago. b. They must choose whether or not to prove that peace can be reached by exposing their relationship to the world at the risk of losing everything, including their lives. c. However, with the wedding approaching in just a few weeks, you feel like you have no choice. Question 5 : What is the most vexing product you own? a. Strange nightmares have plagued you ever since. b. You attend a wizard school for children and are eager to participate in a contest of magical power against your peers. c. After the opening bell, you are shocked to see the ticker telling a story of an unmitigated disaster. Question 6 : What city serves as Estonia's capital? a. Strange nightmares have plagued you ever since. b. There was another sell-off yesterday, but you are confident that the worst is behind you. c. After a long hibernation, the giant came down from the mountain to find his forgotten left boot inhabited with pests. Question 7 : Discuss the ethical consequences of motorsports. a. You can't stand how it looks and are convinced that he is a complete slob. b. You forget most of his stories as you get older, especially as you gather a few of your own when you turn 16 and begin faring the seas yourself as a deckhand on the RMS Rhone, a Royal Mail Ship transporting mail and cargo between Southampton and the Caribbean. c. Modern technology is wiped out. 3
Study Compendiums - COMMUNICATIONS Week 4 Question 8 : Are cell walls present in animal, plant, or both types of cells? a. A dart impales itself in your arm, but you feel nothing. b. Now she wants to be queen, despite the fact that Catherine of Aragon is already the queen. c. Eventually, they sit across from you and your rekindled campfire. Question 9 : What actions do you do to make the world a better place? a. You go back to the shop and find that the magic mirror has disappeared. b. A clumsy moment in the mess hall gets the captain's attention, and he orders you to take this new crew member under your wing and to build up her self-confidence. c. As a farmhand working on the duke's family estate in 1905, you have heard a fair amount of gossip about the wealthy family you work for, including whispers of financial trouble and the marrying off of the duke's eldest daughter. Question 10 : What issue are you currently dealing with? a. Furthermore, the androids assist with companionship by caring for pets, arranging outings, and providing favorite songs, books, and photos. b. Adults laugh at the stories now and pay rainmakers like you to water their crops. c. As you approach, you hear your colleague yelling that he sees something moving at the bottom of the chasm. Question 11 : What are some examples of clickbait movie titles? a. You find your calling, from heating brick ovens to delivering food across the land, and you quickly become a legend. b. She says goodbye, and you put the tooth under your pillow. c. You tell her not to heed your advice, for you cannot commune with the gods. 4
Study Compendiums - COMMUNICATIONS Week 4 Question 12 : What are your top five, without mentioning the category? a. You laugh it off, yet deep down you know that no one in town respects you. b. When you read his seemingly endless list of demands, you know you are in way over your head. c. He tells you his master would like to meet you. Question 13 : What is the most appealing accent? a. Impatient, you begin to explore the library's dustier shelves and discover an old journal. b. He points to the ocean and says that Poseidon himself has blessed the journey and will aid you on the quest. c. Genetic engineering has created food crops that are rich in necessary nutrients, but they require careful engineering to optimize growth for specific environmental conditions. Question 14 : What was your most recent deception? a. In many households, they have taken over primary responsibility for childcare. b. Britain engages in a policy of isolationism, keeping all magical technology locked within its borders, while maintaining a dominant position on the world stage. c. This maiden, however, is not what she appears to be. Question 15 : Who is the antagonist in "Peter Pan"? Captain Hook is the correct answer. a. Things become complicated as you don't want to be revered as a god or feared by your clan. b. People regularly participate in brutal gladiator games for entertainment and take drugs to escape their reality. c. You and your family have just moved into a new house in a sleepy little town. 5
Study Compendiums - COMMUNICATIONS Week 4 Analysis For Study Compendiums These men will bring sickness and destruction to your land. You bring her back to the inn and are able to repair her quickly, the gears within her clicking back into life. Strange.... These men will bring sickness and destruction to your land. Can you help me?" You take a closer look and notice that she has no aura or soul. The man was fidgety and kept avoiding eye contact with you, your parents, and the entire vet staff. The app requests that you open it and follow the instructions on the screen: draw a small circle on the floor, think of the perfect partner, and drink the liquid. Despite your search, people have no idea where she's gone, some even claiming that they don't know her entirely. This begins to happen a little too frequently. 6
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