1. Which of these television shows makes everyone look under their chair? a. Saturday Night Live b. Larry Rubert c. Jimmy Fallon d. !Oprah 2. How long was Ken Jennings039; win streak on Jeopardy? a. 88 b. !74 c. 49 d. 62 3. In season one of the US Kitchen Nightmares, Gordan Ramsay tried to save 10 different restaurants. How many ended up closing afterwards? a. 0 b. 6 c. !9 d. 3 4. In quot;Star Trek: Voyagerquot;, which episode did Voyager establish realtime communication with Starfleet Headquarters? a. Someone To Watch Over Me b. Counterpoint c. Message In A Bottle d. !Pathfinder 5. Who was the winner of quot;Big Brotherquot; Season 10? a. Bryce Kranyik b. Chris Mundorf c. Ryan Sutfin d. !Dan Gheesling 6. What was the UK quot;Who Wants to be a Millionaire?quot; cheating scandal known as? a. Millionaire Crime b. Coughing Major c. !Major Fraud d. Ingram Cheater 7. The first halfhour CGI cartoon, ReBoot, aired on which year? a. !1994 b. 1999 c. 1998 d. 1993 8. What actor portrays Hogan quot;Washquot; Washburne in the TV Show Firefly? a. Sean Maher b. Adam Baldwin c. Nathan Fillion d. !Alan Tudyk
9. In the show quot;Dragonball Zquot;, what is the name of Cell039;s most powerful attack? a. Cell Kamehameha b. !Solar Kamehameha c. Super Kamehameha d. Android Kamehameha 1. Where are the cars of the brand quot;Ferrariquot; manufactured? a. Russia b. Germany c. !Italy d. Romania 2. What part of an automobile engine uses lobes to open and close intake and exhaust valves, and allows an airfuel mixture into the engine? a. Drive shaft b. !Camshaft c. Piston d. Crankshaft 3. Which Japanese company is the world039;s largest manufacturer of motorcycles? a. Yamaha b. !Honda c. Kawasaki d. Suzuki 4. Which of the following car models has been badgeengineered rebadged the most? a. !Isuzu Trooper b. Suzuki Swift c. Chevy Camaro d. Holden Monaro 5. Which supercar company is from Sweden? a. Bugatti b. Lamborghini c. McLaren d. !Koenigsegg 6. Which car is the first massproduced hybrid vehicle? a. Peugeot 308 R HYbrid b. !Toyota Prius c. Chevrolet Volt d. Honda Fit 7. Which car tire manufacturer is famous for its quot;P Zeroquot; line? a. Michelin b. Goodyear c. !Pirelli d. Bridgestone
8. What nickname was given to Air Canada Flight 143 after it ran out of fuel and glided to safety in 1983? a. Gimli Superb b. !Gimli Glider c. Gimli Chaser d. Gimli Microlight 9. Which car manufacturer created the quot;Aventadorquot;? a. Pagani b. !Lamborghini c. Ferrari d. Bugatti 10. What year did the Chevrolet LUV mini truck make its debut? a. 1973 b. !1972 c. 1975 d. 1982 1. In the TV series quot;Person of Interestquot;, who plays the character quot;Harold Finchquot;? a. Taraji P. Henson b. Jim Caviezel c. Kevin Chapman d. !Michael Emerson 2. In the Doctor Who universe, how many times can a time lord normally regenerate? a. 15 b. 11 c. 13 d. !12 3. Which of these characters in quot;Stranger Thingsquot; has the power of Telekinesis? a. Lucas b. Mike c. Karen d. !Eleven 4. In the show, Doctor Who, what does T.A.R.D.I.S stand for? a. !Time And Relative Dimensions In Space b. Toilet Aid Rope Dog Is Soup c. Time And Resting Dimensions In Space d. Time And Relative Dimensions In Style 5. In the TV series Red Dwarf, Kryten039;s full name is Kryten 2X4B523P. a. False b. !True
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