What studying techniques have worked for you in the pas4

What studying techniques have worked for you in the past? In the past, I've used flashcards, apps, and writing out formulas and definitions. For some reason, writing things down helps me in comprehension and retention. I find that studying a little every other day or so is better than every day or cramming all at once. I think this is because I can do a little bit at a time, but also give my brain a rest in between. If I do some each day, I can focus more on the parts that need additional time and energy. My husband is wonderful and takes the dogs to the park, so I can have a quiet environment, free of distractions. I don't have the TV on, and I don't have my phone close to me unless I'm using a mobile app to study. What test-taking strategies have you used in the past that have been successful? I always get to the location early or get set up on my computer early, to make sure I can mitigate any issues that come up in a timely manner. It also helps me to reduce my stress and anxiety, because I have time to get set up, then collect my thoughts and calm down. I also always skip the questions I don't know, so I can come back and spend more time on them once I get through all of the questions. With multiple choice questions, I cross out the answers that I know are not correct, so I can more easily focus on the remaining possible answers. Lastly, I try to read questions slow and more than once to ensure I am getting all of the relevant words, so I don't make dumb mistakes. What test-taking strategies have you used in completing the quizzes in this course? Before the test, I read the associated material and take notes regarding key portions. I go through and answer all of the ones I know first and make a list of the ones I need to go back to. I remove the answers I know are not correct, then reread the question to determine which answer is MORE correct.
Are there any tools or additional resources that you plan to use while studying for the PMP exam? I have multiple mobile apps on my phone that ask questions similar to what will be on the test. I have also participated in three separate "PM College" courses that were sponsored by my job. They all teach the methods and practices that are used in the PMBOK. Is there an aspect of studying or test taking that you would like to improve on? Is there an aspect that you excel at? I would like to be better at prioritizing my studying. With a very busy schedule, it is easy to justify pushing off studying and getting something else done first. I need to ensure that studying for my PMP has a great deal of focus as I get closer to taking the test. Currently, I am expecting to take it in December, directly following this course.
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