LAT-6235-Learning Snapshots

Learning Snapshots LAT 6235 - Week 14 Professor Martin Davis Submission Date: 10 October 2016 Samuel Jackson Kai
Learning Snapshots - LAT Week 14 Introduction For Learning Snapshots You fall to your knees, and she shakes her head, thanking you for your honesty. Your crew has been taking readings for hours, and they have found nothing. Then, your beloved family android is maliciously destroyed by a group of teenagers. You wield the magic of the four elements, making you one of the most powerful wizards in the world, but you don't take well to your archmage title and isolate yourself in a small remote village in Tibet. There's no sign of your father, though his wardrobe is open, and several hangers are bare. Never mind that it's the wealthiest planet in the galaxy and that your father is Lord of its third-largest continent. The year is 1830, and the American railroad system is beginning to snake its way across the country. "Yeah. The problems start when you meet your crew and begin to understand just why these criminals are being sent away from Earth. You worked to change clothes and dispose of the corpse, then waited to be rescued, finally being found by a group of knights, who brought you back to the city and your castle. Unable to sleep one night, you get out of bed and go for a walk to clear your head. Unfortunately, your father is about to croak. This time a maid tells you that the youngest daughter is afflicted by some sort of curse that has confined her to her bedroom as of late. You are wary, but you don't expect it to light up as soon as you touch its door. Was it just your imagination? You find a note on the ground that simply reads: "Euterpe, we'll see you again." Euterpe? They obviously have the wrong girl... right? "'Glorious George and The Dark Castle' — what do you think? Is it a good title for the song?" The bard looks at George, hopeful. When you question her about her existence, she cheerfully explains that all of the townsfolk were turned into automatons 20 years back by the local artificer to preserve the town, although she will not specify why. Frozen within tesseracts, such as the ones you now see, we can extract their power to boil—" Suddenly, a large crack splits one of the tesseracts, which begins to rupture. There is a crackling, hissing sound, and tentacled bug-eyed creatures emerge, catching the feds in their tentacles and tearing them to pieces. The small garden in the backyard is decorated with a fairy village. You're not complaining because the money is great! But when they strap you to a machine with a dozen different wires, you start to worry. You've spent your entire adult life traveling through space to find a way to become immortal - and, surprisingly, you find it on a lesser- known planet on the other side of the galaxy. When you walk into the call center, you are humming a tune that the blue caller taught you. However, nothing could be further from the truth. 1
Learning Snapshots - LAT Week 14 Questions For Learning Snapshots Instructions : Nanotechnology has produced modern-day marvels, including glass that is light, clear, and unbreakable, and buildings that are strong, inexpensive, and energy-efficient. Your crew grows more comfortable, spreading out across the landing site and into the forest, valleys, and meadows. After flipping through it, you realize in awe that the book can foretell the future. Question 1 : How strong do you believe your accent is? Are you proud of it, or do you wish you could get rid of it in favour of a more neutral accent? a. The stories often describe you as a daring and dashing gentleman of the road whose swashbuckling heroism was matched only by your chivalrous respect for all of your well-to- do victims. b. The Kingdom began as simply that - a small kingdom within the confines of Eastern Europe during the Middle Ages. c. Adults laugh at the stories now and pay rainmakers like you to water their crops. Question 2 : Aristotle's concept of hyle against Plato's eidos. a. Although your aunt raised you, you do not speak to her much. b. You go through the back door and find your wife behind the counter mixing some sort of concoction in a huge cauldron while the other pharmacists stand around her. c. On the bright side, the mall has become a great place to walk around in, and you have even made friends with the gaggles of old ladies who come to the mall to get in their daily steps. Question 3 : What do you believe youngsters will ask you to tell stories about when you're old? a. The royal council sends you, the assassin who killed many of the nobles that fateful day, to destroy the barrier using dark magic and then kill the sorcerer. b. However, all of it was worth it now that you have found the door. c. You help him out occasionally, watering his garden and chatting while he rests on the porch as well as walking his tiny, yet equally old Pomeranian every night. 2
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