Study Chronicles ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 8749 - Week 8 Dr. Gregory Bennet Submission Date: 29 May 2018 Benjamin Robinson Nola
Study Chronicles - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Week 8 Introduction For Study Chronicles For years you were known as "Stallion Jack," a highwayman by trade who gallantly relieved carriage passengers of their worldly possessions. You can't believe you are here doing this. The shop is known for creating the most beautiful gowns from the most stunning fabrics, but the price is heavy — and it is not just monetary. You hope for a new life, perhaps in India if the ships makes it that far. Nevertheless, you are determined to find them, and you have the help of the attractive young solicitor, who feels duty-bound to help you search for them. You react without thinking, moving your arms with seeming practiced control. You shrug and give in, returning to your family at the dinner table. On this planet, you find an elven civilization that has lived in relative peace. Suddenly all eyes are on you, and people begin bowing before you, hailing you as their new king. Waving away some smoke, he sees you, a small fairy, at the bottom, using a series of gears, levels, and other contraptions to control the knight's arms and legs. Do you have my money?" You hold out a thick envelope. You won the fight but felt nothing but sorrow afterwards. Eventually, they sit across from you and your rekindled campfire. The patient has been shot, and his heart needs to be rebuilt as only magic can accomplish. You are in fifth grade when the dreams begin. The process has been so successful that all living humans have been spared the disappointment of discovering that they are bad at something despite their best efforts, and have only been exposed to endless praise. Starvation have killed off most of the world's human population and infertility has ensured no more will be born. As soon as you pinpoint the direction, you pack up your belongings, climb down the tree, and head toward the sound. After all, robots can handle all essential tasks that a person doesn't care to perform. He screams out in pain, vanishing into a cloud of mist. You swim with it, surfacing in an underwater cave — a perfect pocket of air where its foal sleeps peacefully. A strange scratching noise outside has been keeping you awake for the last hour. Then a few candles ignite on their own and start floating with the children. In reality, you spend days doing this, and it comes at a price. 1
Study Chronicles - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Week 8 Questions For Study Chronicles Instructions : As a reputable bounty hunter, you are determined to capture the leprechaun and claim the reward from the king—not to mention the leprechaun's pot of gold. You hesitantly agree. Your mother, an old-fashioned magic user, tells you to be careful when mixing the two, as the combination of magic and chemistry can often yield disastrous results, but you pay her no heed. Question 1 : Do you believe you are a good leader or that you would make a good leader? What is your reasoning? a. Impatient, you begin to explore the library's dustier shelves and discover an old journal. b. There is also the bard, the cook, a few squires and servants, and a witch named Esmeralda, to whom you have taken a liking. c. You worked to change clothes and dispose of the corpse, then waited to be rescued, finally being found by a group of knights, who brought you back to the city and your castle. Question 2 : What is an interesting fact you recently discovered? a. Your mother has sacrificed herself for you and sworn you to silence. b. Discovering a dead city on a dead planet is not terribly surprising. c. People start going mad, seeing visions, and hearing voices. Question 3 : Pre-Socratic philosophers used hylozoism. a. With applying to college on the horizon, your parents are becoming frustrated with you and tell you that you must improve your grades. b. However, the tone of his letter intrigued you and you wondered what would possess a man to contact his niece after being absent for more than 20 years. c. You deflected them, but somehow the dispersed spells made their way to your village, causing outright chaos. 2
Study Chronicles - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Week 8 Question 4 : What is the coldest temperature you've ever experienced? a. The reason you feel connected to him is because you have loved each other for years. b. Yet you refuse to go, as your love for him has blossomed during your transformation. c. When you break the barrier and reach the sorcerer, you find that he bears a striking resemblance to the royal family. Question 5 : What was the most wonderful thing that happened to you today? a. Your grandpa gardens to keep the gnomes away. b. You are now 60 years old and tired of waiting for other people to solve your problems. c. Brightly colored lightning lights up the sky around you, and you try to maintain control of the plane as alarms sound. Question 6 : Saying the name of what dried fruit used to be used to encourage people to smile before a photo in the 1800s, before the phrase "cheese?" a. Your grandpa gardens to keep the gnomes away. b. You and your neighbor have been at odds for years over the state of his front yard. c. You agree to serve a dark warlock and lead his army of the undead to wreak havoc and destruction across the land. Question 7 : What "old person" activities do you engage in? a. You call out to the strange thief, and the trench coat drops. b. One day, while you are fighting a hero during a great battle, the hero's mace strikes a might blow against your armor and your helmet flies off. c. They wreck computers and other equipment, throw food around, hang toilet paper off of trees and cabins, and even set off a stink bomb in the bathroom. 3
Study Chronicles - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Week 8 Question 8 : "You talkin' to me?" says Robert De Niro in which film.Answer: "Taxi Driver." a. You ask who "he" is, but the old woman shushes you, shakes her head, and shuffles away. b. "We should probably follow him." You begrudgingly agree. c. Others cry, knowing in their hearts they will never see their beloved sailors again. Question 9 : In July, how many days are there? a. Therefore, you enact the Princess Act, which declares that women are no longer required to carry out damsel-in-distress scenarios to boost the egos of heroes. b. They wreck computers and other equipment, throw food around, hang toilet paper off of trees and cabins, and even set off a stink bomb in the bathroom. c. Artificially intelligent mainframe computers are sick of hosting these search results and advertisements, and they band together to save humans from themselves, by gradually altering their search results for the betterment of humanity. Question 10 : How many calories does a standard Big Mac have, according to the McDonald's website? a. A powerful force compels you to get out of bed and go to it. b. You try to shake off the odd feeling, but then see his face, with a different name, on a missing person poster. c. Frustrated that local townsfolk are being promised untold riches but instead being fooled again and again, a king has finally had enough and places a bounty on a mischievous leprechaun for his never-ending pranks and misconduct. Question 11 : What was the most physically painful thing you've ever gone through? a. In a last vain attempt to save the outermost borders, the emperor calls for the armies to assemble. b. You become good friends with her. c. You obtain a magic potion that makes the drinker love the first person he or she sees. 4
Study Chronicles - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Week 8 Question 12 : What do you believe individuals pretend to like but really don't? a. You hate your manager, and you hate working at Burger Hut, but most of all you hate the smell of French fries cooking in a rancid vat of oil. b. This technology now exists, and you are creating new life forms—starting with simple bacteria. c. Shocked, you realize you can now understand and communicate with all animals. Question 13 : Where would you find the cruciate ligament in your body? a. When an oil tanker exploded off the coast of Argentina last week, you and your teammates were summoned for your speed, your expertise in frigid waters, and the fact that you are Russian, Latvian, and Norwegian. b. The vegetables in your garden begin to grow exponentially, soon towering above your head. c. You start attending furry conventions around the world in the hopes of finding your true love. Question 14 : What is an interesting fact you recently discovered? a. When you move out of your parents' house, you decide to make your dream come true. b. You see a stack of goblins staring back at you, looking as equally as bewildered as your feel. c. Within a glass prison you see something that you can only assume is an alien species. Question 15 : How long did it take you to develop your present signature? a. They draw a pond to the south, a forest to the west, and a swamp to the north. b. Now, please make sure that this episode is entertaining. c. This technology now exists, and you are creating new life forms—starting with simple bacteria. 5
Study Chronicles - ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Week 8 Analysis For Study Chronicles As you take the first steps on the moon's surface, you and your crew discover stones with magical properties. A rift opens across the planet's surface like in the past, but this time it doesn't close. Modern technology is wiped out. When one of your former neighbors cornered you, you killed him in cold blood and ran back to the mountains. When he tells you that they're memories, you don't believe him. However, no matter how hard you try, you can't shake the feeling that you were meant for greatness. You have been chosen to become an oracle in ancient Greece. You were confident that the ominous dark clouds would eventually dissipate and the sun would once again shine bright upon the land. You look at the open book and see an illustration of yourself on a rooftop looking down at an open book. 6
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