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Surname 1 Name Lecturer Course Date Interpersonal Movie Paper Interpersonal communication is an immense and valuable asset to human lives. Humans have evolved to display the highest level of communication intelligence to all other primitive organisms by mastering how they communicate. This communication capacity establishes their dominance through their ability to discern less vital information to spoken and written words effectively. Subsequently, they express their ideas, feeling, wants, needs and resolve conflicts. Through this expression, we relay and exchange messages with other people and form the basis of relationships with people, either loved ones or strangers. Messages get misunderstood, conflict and misunderstanding pose a significant challenge. We encounter communication concepts in our daily lives through direct relations and film. Movies, TV shows, media sources, and commercials all play a role in communication. Exploring communication in the movie brings us an inch close to understanding how communication works. For this paper, I selected "The Choice," a romantic drama Netflix movie produced in 2016. The Choice movie showcases the main characters, Travis and Gabby, and how they form relationships. Gabby is a medical student, while Travis is a veterinary doctor in the town clinic. Gabby has recently moved to the neighborhood where Travis lives with his family. Gabby has a boyfriend, Ryan, and Travis is also casual with a girlfriend. Having moved into the area, Gabby is suddenly irritated by the loud noises and music in the yard and decides to check out. Gabby meets with Travis for the first time. It seems like a rocky start. Gabby is angry at the notedness
Surname 2 of Travis, but they seem to click in their conversation and introduce each other by their names and note both own a dog. The initiation stage is crucial in forming communication to determine a relationship (Knapp par.2). When people first meet and how they exchange pleasantries form a basis of a relationship. Self-disclosure is an essential concept in forming relationships. Generally, people align with people they share their interests and passions. After the movie's first encounter with Travis and Gabby, they start sharing, demonstrating their pet love. Gabby has a sick dog, and Travis offers to assist in taking it to the vet, where she finds out Travis is the veterinary doctor. They get closer, and as a result, Travis asks Gabby if they can go out and have fun where they meet each other's partners. However, they are each drawn to each other. On the other hand, Gabby's boyfriend gets to go out of town for a few days, and Travis gets to spend a chance with Gabby in her house. They have dinner together; Gabby tells him about her home, where she grew up, and gets super intimate after that. Later in the movie, Gabby meets Travis's father, Shep, and his sister. They love her and share their late mum's birthday, and that brings them closer. Self-disclosure allows people to bond and build trust in the other person as well knowing whom they associate with is of great significance. The relationship between Gabby and Travis advances. With Gabby s boyfriend leaving town, Travis and Gabby spend a great deal of time together. They build a connection, Travis takes Gabby out on bike rides, the kiss in the rain, they ride and row in the boat, creating beautiful memories. However, there is a turn of events whereby Gabby suddenly receives a call from Ryan asking her to meet for dinner. She is not excited about the dinner and, therefore,
Surname 3 mixed feelings. Gabby goes to dinner and meets with Ryan and his parents. While at dinner, Travis shows up and pretends he only came to say. An interpersonal conflict in the relationship is evident, where Gabby gets into a heated argument with Travis after excusing herself from the dinner table. Travis confronts Gabby about his reason to meet Ryan, and they have developed a relationship. He tells Gabby that she loves her and should tell Ryan what happened out of town. After Gabby reveals her escapades with Travis to Ryan, the aftermath is very emotional. Ryan offers to propose; however, the turn of events ends with Gabby going back to her parents' house. Relational dialects theory is evident in the relationship between Gabby and Travis. There is tension in the relationship due to the separation and end of the relationship. However, all is not lost. Travis hangs out with his on and off girlfriend, where they get to share. Travis is low in mood, and his girlfriend According to (Garcia.2), Relational dialects theory displays how relationships whereby tensions and inconsistencies exist. Several concepts are involved in the relational dialect theory, including contradictions, totality process, and praxis, shown in Travis and Gabby's relationship. In praxis, the relationship progresses in the case of Gabby and Travis. They resolve to get married and have kids living happily together. girlfriend is aware that he has genuine feelings for Gabby and gives a go forward to get what his heart wants. Travis heads over to the hospital where Gabby works, only to find home determined to get her and marry her. After meeting her parents at Gabby s parents' house, out she left. He meets with Ryan, and they don't see eye to eye, and Travis sets off to Gabby s he proposes to Gabby to marry her. Gabby, hesitant, finally agrees to marry Travis and officially wed to become husband and wife Knapp's model of communication as well applies to Travis and Gabby's relationship. The model navigates through the growth and progression of Travis and Gabby's relationship through
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