Weekly Reflection #10

Write about the most interesting thing you've learned so far in the semester, and tell me three things I should change about the course in future semesters! :) The most interesting thing is have learned in this course is the ways to tackle students with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). As a teacher I will be able to handle the students in a better manner and they will be able to learn and improve their skills and productivity. The course could have more elaborate discussions of how to increase the learning for ADHD students. New topics and techniques should be added in the course. The ADHD students need extra attention the topics discussed will help the students to learn the process in a much more effective manner. The course will be very helpful which will enable the students to use these skills in real life on their jobs. It will help them to work better and manage the students much more effectively. It will ensure the students are taught with the correct methods which will help them gain new skills. The course should also have a case study in which the students will develop a learning plan for ADHD students thus ensuring output. This will help the students to think more practically and develop an understanding of how to teach the student. The students will be able to design a teaching strategy which is suitable to the disabled student. It is important that the teachers are equipped with skills of understanding the needs of the students. The communication skills need to be taught which will help the teachers to impart the skills in a much more effective manner. The students will be able to learn in a more healthy and cooperative environment.
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