My helping skills and characteristics My ability to assist others and my existing traits reflect who I am as a person, the values I hold dear, and my desire to continuing to grow as a person. I am a caring and responsible individual who is driven to assist others because I aspire to make the world a better place. I have a high level of empathy, which means I can understand and feel the feelings of others. I am able to interact and communicate with others effectively because of my strong interpersonal skills. I may also listen carefully to what they say and reply accordingly. I am patient and compassionate and I attempt to give direction and assistance to those in need. I am also open-minded and eager to explore a variety of arguments and points of view. My organizational skills I am able to prioritize my work and meet deadlines because I have a great work ethic and am very organized. I can also adjust to new locations and events, and I have no trouble carrying on as usual under unexpected circumstances. Because I am a creative thinker who enjoys seeking answers to problems, I am able to approach obstacles from a variety of perspectives and generate fresh ideas on how to tackle them. I also make it a point to conduct myself in an honest and respectful manner since I am aware of the impact my actions have on others. My conflict resolution skills In addition, one of my goals is to improve my dispute-mediation skills. I want to learn how to negotiate agreements that benefit all parties involved and how to engage in arguments with an attitude of understanding and respect. I want to improve my active listening and problem-solving abilities, as well as learn how to identify and address any underlying issues that may be generating the conflict. In addition, I will learn how to identify and treat any underlying issues that may be causing the conflict. My teamwork skills According to my personal assessment, one of the traits I would like to cultivate is my ability to work with people and teams. Even though I have some experience working with others, one of my goals for the future is to further enhance my skills and competence in collaboration. One of my goals is to improve my understanding of the various dynamics that can exist within a team, develop the skills required to recognize and respond to the needs of my fellow team members, and cultivate more efficient communication techniques in order to ensure that I have a positive experience working on a team[ CITATION Neu21 \l 1033 ]. Working with a variety of people, including students, peers, and employees, will help me improve my ability to predict and handle possible problems before they happen. In addition, I plan to work on improving my communication skills. In conclusion, I am confident that if I put in the work, I will be able to develop my ability for helping others and elevate my standing as a team player. I can't wait to continue honing my skills and becoming the best version of myself possible. References Neukrug, E. (2021). Skills and techniques for human service professionals: Counseling environment, helping skills, treatment issues (2nd ed.). Cognella.
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