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Apr 8, 2023
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Natalia Cirilo Tejeda Campus Engagement Paper Hi, my name is Natalia Cirilo and today I'll talk a little bit about some campus engagement experiences I've had here at FIU and how they've impacted me. The first experience I would like to talk about is about "The Communication Studio." I could say this is one of the best resources FIU has, especially for my Public Speaking class, which is the main reason why I've attended. The main reason why I chose to engage in this activity was mainly because my professor would give me extra points if I did, which was pretty convenient. The expectations I had about this weren't quite the best. At first, when Professor Kurland insisted on telling us we should go, I actually thought it was just going to be a waste of time and something very unnecessary, since I believed I could just practice my speeches on my own. Nevertheless, comparing my experience to the expectations I previously had, it was the complete opposite thing. I felt it was the best decision I could've made, and since then, I've been to The Communication Studio at least 2 times for every single speech, even if it's not mandatory. I truly believe that participating in this was very helpful and beneficial to my college experience, since it not only improved my grade but it also helped me improve my confidence level and trust in myself. Having a professional person listening to my speech and being able to receive feedback before doing my actual presentation is very useful since I get to analyze my mistakes and improve my speech before giving it in class. I could say that before attending Comm Arts Studio I felt a lot of laziness and thought I was just wasting my time. During my attendance I felt a little nervous since it was just me and her and it actually was as if I was giving my actual speech, with the podium, timer, her grading, and all. Once it was over I felt quite confident in myself and I thought it was a great idea that I made my appointment. I think it really helped me and was quite beneficial. Another experience I would like to talk about is about Homecoming Week. I decided to engage in this particular activity since I've always seen in the movies that it's a big deal and that everyone gets so excited about it, but nothing else. Before attending, I imagined it literally as it is in the movies, so American and everyone just being in the benches watching the Football Match and screaming every time their team does something cool. Nevertheless, compared to my expectations, the experience wasn't quite like that. First of all, before the game there were a bunch of other activities we could attento to, which I didn't even know existed. I thought it was just a game and that's it. I was able to attend the "Voice" but here in FIU and also to the mechanical games that were a day before the game, I thought it was pretty cool. I was able to experience it in a different way since it wasn't even close at what I imagined. I believe this event influences my college experience in one way or another. Starting off saying that with this, I was able to experience something a freshman college student MUST experience and I also believe that now I have an idea of how these events are and are held. Before attending this activity I thought it was something quite simple and insignificant, but it turned out to be something that people actually give importance to and something that is like a tradition here in the United States. During this experience I literally felt like I was in a movie. I thought everything was pretty cool, fun, and unexpectable. I do not regret at all attending this Homecoming Week and being able to have this incredible experience. I truly believe that there are several Campus Engagement Activities that are quite helpful for us students, especially in our first year, and that we can learn a lot from. I think these are all part of
our experience here at FIU and that they will all help us for our futures and teach us in one way or another, personally, academically, and professionally. The Communication Studio: Homecoming:
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