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May 14, 2023
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People around the dinner table not socializing and being absorbed in their electronics. When the author was a kid dinner was a time to spend socializing with your family. Electronics are destructive to quality time for families as well as dinner traditions. Having uninterrupted quality time at dinner can help strengthen family bonds and help ease the struggles of growing up for kids. I would say the author's style is narrative because she told her personal experience with the topic. This article also seems to have a persuasive style. The author is trying to persuade the reader to believe electronics are destroying quality family time. The author's tone seems serious, sad, and hopeful. Serious because she includes a lot of studies and research. Sad because dinner is not how she grew up with it being. Hopeful because I think she hopes after people read the article, they will hopefully solve the problem or be more open-minded about it.
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