Activity 4

Nombre: Matrícula: Nombre del curso: Effective Workshop Presentations Nombre del profesor: Fabian Taboada Rivera Topic: 4 Activity 4: Analyzing a TED Talk Date: 11/09/2020 Bibliografía: Objective: To analyze and understand the three key elements of an effective presentation. Results: In group: 1. Watch the video projected by your professor. Suggested video is Ken Robinson's Ted Talk - "Do schools kill creativity?" Found in: CaddyDevelops. (2012, August 26). Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools kill Creativity? Spanish Subtitles Subtitulos Español [Video file]. Retrieved from
In pairs: 2. Analyze the video you just watched, paying attention to the performance of the presenter, the audience and the objective of the presentation. 3. Fill the following practice: Presenter: Sir Ken Robinson Topic: Do Schools kill Creativity? Spanish Subtitles Subtitulos Español 1. Analyze the performance of the presenter by completing the following chart: Habit Description/characteristi cs Analysis of the presenter Know your pal That is Purpose , Audience and Logistics . you need to begin from the end He is an excellent presenter as he captures the public's attention through laughter Prepare adequately It consists of searching for analogies and metaphors, stories to start your presentation so the audience gets interested. He is highly prepared, he looks confident when speaking in public Create a final draft A master brief of what you have produced. He has prepared his speech, and I imagine he has practiced what he says Practice Practice at least two to six times what you are going to say You see a professional, who has been giving talks
for a long time, and is very prepared on this topic Arrive early Make sure everything is correctly set up, you need to make sure everything you need you have I consider him a punctual person, who respects the time of others Delivery techniques The 3 may thinks you need are Visual , Verbal and Vocal , you need to know how to implement this things in your presentation. His main technique to get the public's attention is to keep them laughing and relaxed. Handle Q&A with tact Your answers must be brief, straightforward and concise. Has a dynamic of questions and answers to involve the public 2. Identify the type of audience by reviewing first the characteristics of each type, and then identifying the audience from the video. Type of audience Characteristics/description Unaware In this type of audience it is good to show them a different perspective so that they can have different opinions
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