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The Talkline Dating Podcast By: Cindy, Karissa, Leah, Yining
Podcast Journey Central Question: How do people use dating apps, and are they safe/ effective? We chose this question because it's interesting and there is a large population of people who use dating apps and its generally something that isn't talked about a lot. We found that a majority of people we asked, use these apps for something different. Most people agreed that dating apps are fun or are a good way to meet new people or make new friends. Not a lot of our interviewees used them to start a relationship or find a partner.
Podcast Highlights We chose to use simple questions and to make the interviews lighthearted and funny. Making sure the people we interviewed were as comfortable as possible since some people may be embarrassed by the fact that they use a dating app. A couple people talked about making a joke account or catfishing people. Others spoke about meeting new people and creating friendships or going on a date or two. It never seems to last very long.
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