1 REFLECTION Table of Contents Introduction Takeaways From the Learning Conversation Experiences Gained From the Learning Conversations & Formulating Research Proposals Conclusion
2 Introduction The topic under this course was "Critically Reviewing the Literature"; here I have gone through a case study that consisted of the utilization of the thematic analysis grid in order to further help the overall critical review of the literature. Takeaways From the Learning Conversation I have gained a pearl of wisdom that, through the literature search we can further significantly examine the required knowledge & theory associated with the subject of investigation. We can also be able to determine the way other researchers have defined as well as dawn the bridge between the key concepts oriented to the study. I have also acquired knowledge from the case study that Sam was quite critical of his approach to the academic literature on data privacy in the arena of marketing. He used different themes to formulate the literature review which has prospered his presentation overall. He has also justified and moved towards the critical evaluation of the academic literature where he has shed light on consensus and contradictions which must have appeared indeed. Experiences Gained From the Learning Conversations & Formulating Research Proposals The "Critically Reviewing the Literature'' has given me valuable insight into the way a literature review is formed and under which this can be criticized towards extracting the best possible outcomes eventually. This experience will further help me to work on my own research proposals, research papers, or certainly the dissertations indeed. Conclusion It is evident from this analysis that I have been able to gain detailed knowledge on the way research is formed through using the best literature review which can help in the other pivotal segments associated with a proposal, for instance, discussion, or the findings.
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