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i . Taskstream corn n Welcome X W online amesl o ' I. at - I g I eaching siii X _ Fun Hand»Washing Game lor ii X a Content X a Take Test' Module 4 Quiz — EDl X (— Ar ' C O (5 httsz/ekublackboard.comlwebapps/assessmentitake/launch,jso?course'assessmentiid:_4879161&courseid- 3212971&cor if? 3 Question Completion Status: "All of the following strategies are cei'tainl ' ' ' ' . ~ . g y benefiCiai. but oril one is likel to foster res ' ' ' - » " Wh'Ch 5"?ng is known to foster resilience?" y y ilience in students who live in difficult and challenging circumstances. 0 a. Show students how academic tasks are relevant to their personal lives. 0 b, Give students both positive and negative feedback when it is appropriate to do so. 0 c. Be an active and visible participant in community programs in students neighborhoods. @ d. Take a personal interest in students welfare and show them that they can turn to you in limes of need QUESTION 2 ' Which one of the following factors is least likely to be conSidered in determining a family 5 souoeconomic status? 0 a. Family income 0 b, Parents education levels (9 c. Children s achievement test scores O o. The kinds of jobs that parents have 1 points - Saved QUESTION 3 "Akeia is the star player on the junior high basketball team. While playing basketball during recess, Akela misses the final shot and her team loses. Some ofthe other kids tease her gently, suggesting she might need glasses or perhaps a third hand The teacher superVising recess that day is best advised to:" O a. take the students cultural backgrounds into account before responding . ® ' I). ignore it, because it 5 just gentle teasing. and Akela already knows she 5 good." O " Ct immediately stop it. reminding the students that it s not nice to tease each othei" Q "d Join in with gentle teasing. but then carefully guide the conversation in a more positive direction. " QUESTION 4 Stereotype threat can best be viewed as: G) a. an awareness of a negative stereotype about one's group and a O b. an awareness of a negative stereotype about one's group accompanie- O "c, an awareness of a negative stereotype about other groups and the feeling that one mu erformance would confirm the stereotype. n accompanying feeling that one's low p anoe in the group. d by the feeling that one can and must outperform the average perform st. at all costs, outperform other groups." Save All Answers Save and Submit Click Save and Submit to same and submit. Click Save All Answers to saue all answers. address
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