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Corporate communications: Good morning/afternoon What is corporate communication? Anyone Well as I was looking up what corporate communications was, I found out a lot of sophisticated definitions or what corporate communications do, however the one definition that stuck out to me the most was "the way in which the function has developed in businesses". So in simple terms it's how effective a department is able to manage the communication generated, to the pubic, or businesses, in order to meet the mission statement set out. In the 1970's the term public relation was used to describe the communications with the stakeholders and with the press. Corporate communications was introduced as a result of stakeholders (internal and external to the company) demanded more information about the business. Public relations acted as conscience of a corporation and was responsible for the organisations reputation. Corporate communications now manages a range of functions, including advertising, market communications, marketing, internal communication to employees, issue crisis management, public affairs and investor's relation. A key characteristic of corporate communications is that it focuses on the business as a whole and how a company presents itself to stakeholders, both internal and external. Corporate communications deals with both internal and external communications. Internal communications deals with employees and stakeholders while external communications deals with agencies, media, government and the general public. Corporate communications is structured into 2 main fields, the internal communications and the external communications. The internal communication deals with human relations (like crisis management) and public relations (like external relations, aid policies and crisis management). The external communication deals with public relations and marketing communications ( like promotions and advertising). The 3 main types of communications is primary communications, secondary communications and tertiary communications. Corporate communications comes in different forms, which allow the company to improve their functions as whole. Well there are 3 different forms of communications, but let me start of with internal communications. Internal communications is there to satisfy the employees through keeping them interested. Businesses would need to make regular meetings with the employees so they are able to keep the employees invested in the company's way of operating. Then there is consumer communication which influences consumers to spend money, through targeting a specific audience to consistently buy their products or services. They also enhance the companies advertising and sponsorships. Another form of communications is media communications, which deals with managing the brands reputation through media coverage, which is used to increase the recognition of a product or service. Corporate communications has allowed for businesses to contribute to the world regardless of the size as they are able to improve the global economy, which will allow for a better standard of living, it will allow a better environment as businesses will be cautious on how they will operate which will do the least amount of damage to
the environment, it also allows for an increased role of management therefore providing more jobs, which will increase the standard of living, it will allow for the professionalism In the public, which leads to individuals respecting others, and finally it allows an advancement in technologies in the way companies communicate. These are all important contributions that a business provides, which can only lead to me saying that businesses are beneficial, and businesses should continue to grow, so that the economy is able to grow, which could lead to an improvement in the standard of living. Corporate communications is beneficial to businesses of all sizes and places, as it allows businesses to successfully establish a relationship with the stakeholders, and allows the business to be economically and socially dependent. Even though that corporate communication is beneficial to businesses, there is also a consequence that is corporate communication is likely to become complex in nature. That is if there is multinational businesses or a wide range of products, where the communication is an issue between branches in various states. Furthermore corporate communication requires an integrated approach to manage communications. That is corporate communications needs a variety of individuals, like investor relations, and cross boundaries to harness strategic interest of the business. The CEO of Edelman highlights that "now communications is the organising principle behind many business decisions". The idea placed here was how the stakeholders viewed the sustainability and success of a business. Corporate communications can be an effective measure for businesses, as it allows for companies to manage the coordination of internal and external communications with the purpose if maintaining reputation. It also allows for a business to take extensive measures advertise their products or services without damaging there reputation. In conclusion corporate communication has a major role in businesses now days, as it manages how the businesses advertising, marketing communications, marketing and more. Furthermore it has proven to be very important to society as it helps keep the world going both financially and environmentally. It also raises the standard of living. Thank you for listening.
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