A Monster Calls pages 10-37: Thinking about what we read "Breakfast" - Practice finding evidence. EXAMPLE: What evidence is there that Connor is taking on more responsibility around the house since his mom is sick? It is clear that Connor is doing more for himself and his mother around the house because he makes his own breakfast and thinks to himself that it is something "he had grown used to doing" (14). And when his mom gets up he tells her that, "I put the dishes in the dishwasher...and "there's washing going, too" (15). Notice that I used the prompt to lead into the evidence I found. Then I listed three separate pieces of evidence and gave the page numbers of where the evidence can be found in the book. Now you try. 1. What evidence is there that Connor's mom is really sick? Connors mom is really sick because when connor came downstairs his mom was not there like she always is there and his mom also says that she "you know how I get at this pointin the treatments, connor" 2. Do you think the monster real or just a dream? I think the monster is a dream because connor isn't really that scared as if it was real "School" and "Life Writing" - Practice writing/asking good questions starting with explain, discuss, justify and describe. Answer my example questions from "School" and then write and answer your own questions from "Life Writing" EXAMPLE from "School": Explain how Conor got blood in his mouth. Because connor was tripped which caused him to fall and have blood in his mouth Discuss (without using names) a bullying situation that you have been a part of or seen with your own eyes. Somone making fun of another person for the cloths they are wearing Justify Lily Andrew's behavior when she shoved Sully in the bushes. Because she was upset they were bullying her Describe your feelings about Conor siding with the bully instead of Lily. Possibly to not be bullied now
Your questions and answers from "Life Writing" 3. Explain the life writing assignment 4. Discuss why connor is upset with lilly? Because connor is playing the victim and doesn't want to talk to lily 5. Justify lillys anger 6. Describe the relationship between connor and lilly "Three Stories" - Practice writing good sentences using the conjunctions because, but and so. Use the sentence stems I have given you and finish each with CORRECT information from the chapter. EXAMPLE: The monster returns to Conor's house at 12:07 that night because Conor wants something from the Monster. The monster returns to Conor's house at 12:07 that night, but this time Conor goes out in the backyard to meet him instead of the monster breaking into the house. The monster returns to Conor's house at 12:07 that night, so he can tell Conor what will happen next; he will tell Conor three stories. 7. The monster will tell Conor three stories because the stories are the wildest things of all 8. The monster will tell Conor three stories, but no one believes him 9. The monster will tell Conor three stories, so hi will be scared 10. Conor tells himself, "it's only a dream" because he was back in bed 11. Conor tells himself, "it's only a dream", but yew tree berries were all over the floor
12. Conor tells himself, "it's only a dream", so he does not get scared
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