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Civil Engineering
May 31, 2023
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2 SOQ I have trained as a project design engineer whereby I am tasked with managing any engineering or technical projects. In my civil engineering studies at San Diego State University, I successfully prepared reports related to roadway and traffic designs and geotechnical foundations. On the other hand, I prepared a traffic analysis for two intersections in the Capstone project. Additionally, I wrote a report on the existing intersection's condition and level of service, the existing pedestrian facilities, and their respective deficiencies. Similarly, for my course in the Solid Mechanics lab, I prepared a report on the preparation and testing of a concrete mix design. I am tech-savvy and have excellent proficiency with engineering technology applications related to project design engineering. For instance, I used SolidWorks, Bluebeam, AutoCAD Civil 3D, AutoCAD, and Microsoft Office as an engineering student. I employed AutoCAD to develop 3D models from 2D drawings and convert 3D model drawings to 2D views for printing. On the flip side, I applied AutoCAD Civil 3D to design a corridor through mountainous terrain. I applied Bluebeam annotation tools to form redesigned roadway corridors in my capstone course. Finally, throughout my engineering course, I used Microsoft Word to write engineering reports and Microsoft Excel to create graphs. In my senior design project, I worked successfully with a group of other students to deliver a roundabout design, given a strict delivery schedule. During my coursework, I studied the importance of working as a team since we live in an increasingly multicultural and dynamic workforce; therefore, it is good to possess these skills to manage interpersonal dynamics and collaborate across differences.
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