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AC 3220
Civil Engineering
Jul 2, 2023
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Copyright © 2009, Grande Prairie Regional College and its licensors. 1 DEPARTMENT OF ACADEMIC UPGRADING . COURSE OUTLINE - FALL 2011 AD 0101 - STUDY SKILLS TUTORIAL 5 (0-0-5) INSTRUCTOR: Susan Beaumont PHONE: 539-2758 OFFICE: A405 E-MAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Fridays 10:00-11:00 PREREQUISITE(S)/COREQUISITE: Students who meet the admission requirements for entry into Academic Upgrading are eligible for AD 0101- Study Skills tutorial. Please refer to page 56 of the College calendar. The course is mandatory for all new sponsored students. REQUIRED TEXT/RESOURCE MATERIALS: The course text is Ten Skills You Really Need to Succeed in School . This text will be available for classroom use. Course materials will also include handouts distributed in class and resources accessed online or available through the course Moodle site. A binder will also be required to store weekly Accomplishment Sheets, monthly calendars, assignments, and handouts. CALENDAR DESCRIPTION: This course is an individualized program of study skills, planned and supervised study time, and tutorial assistance personally designed for sponsored students to provide you with the opportunity to achieve success in your Academic Upgrading courses and your future program of studies. Components of the course include developing study skills needed for success in college courses, managing and prioritizing study time and working on assignments and projects with supervised tutorial assistance for select courses.
Copyright © 2009, Grande Prairie Regional College and its licensors. 2 CREDIT/CONTACT HOURS: 5.0 credits / 75 hours DELIVERY MODE(S): Components of the course include the following: Information, resources, and assistance to help you develop the study skills you need for success in all college courses. Various topics will be addressed in presentations and group discussions, with follow up assignments to practice selected skills. NOTE: In addition to the study skills topics you will discuss in class, you may go on the internet for more tips at sites such as: Practice under the supervision of your instructor/advisor prioritizing and managing study time during your "work day" (the stud ent workday is longer than most workdays and extends into your evenings and weekends). The opportunity to work on assignments and projects with supervised tutorial assistance available for select courses (in the majority of cases this will be your math and English courses). OUTCOMES: Students will develop study skills needed for academic success: o Students will practice self-management skills (time management, priority setting, and decision-making), academic skills (including note taking, test taking and memory tips) and life management skills including basic living skills and resources in Grande Prairie and healthy life balance . Students will increase their self-awareness through activities that include completing personal learning styles inventories and self-assessments. Students will be able to describe ways to create a successful experience in college.
Copyright © 2009, Grande Prairie Regional College and its licensors. 3 Students will work on homework assignments with supervised tutorial support. TRANSFERABILITY: ** Grade of D or D+ may not be acceptable for transfer to other post-secondary institutions. Students are cautioned that it is their responsibility to contact the receiving institutions to ensure transferability GRADING CRITERIA: How to Earn Credit for the Course You will receive a grade of Credit or Non-Credit for the course. You are expected to attend all classes. If you are going to be absent, you must notify your Financial Aid Liaison advisor. You must also notify the instructor by email or phone. In addition to the attendance requirement, you must demonstrate a minimum of 10 successful weeks of progress in order to achieve credit for the course. Your progress each week will be evaluated on the following: 1. Attending class every scheduled class time. 2. Coming to class on time and leaving on time. 3. Being prepared to start schoolwork as soon as you arrive in class, working for the full duration of class time (either 50 minutes or 80 minutes, depending on timetable), and demonstrating progress in your work. 4. Attending all presentations (usually held on Mondays or Tuesdays). 5. Successfully completing follow up assignments on presentation topics, including a final reflective writing on your experience trying some of the strategies presented to you. 6. Successfully completing weekly Accomplishment Sheets. To demonstrate successful progress, you must complete an AD0101 Student Accomplishment Sheet (See Attachment A) each week and have it initialed and commented on by your course instructor. Accomplishment Sheets are both a record of work completed and a log to reflect on your learning progress in a particular week. Incomplete Accomplishment Sheets or sheets with insufficient detail will be returned to provide you with an opportunity to revise and resubmit your Sheet. Accomplishment Sheets may also have a place for you to record notes and answer questions on that week's presentation. Attendance
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