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AIS 3211
Civil Engineering
Jul 28, 2023
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DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS ITI - AIS3211 TEST 1 Date: 27-08-2008 Duration: 90 Minutes Total marks: 50 QUESTION 1 A built-up structural member of Grade 300 steel, i.e. of yield stress of 300 MPa has the cross- sectional dimensions as shown in F igure | in the Annexure. a) Calculate the Shape Factor (SF) for the section b) Calculate the Plastic Moment (M) for the section. [15] QUESTION 2 Figure 2 in the Annexure shows a continuous beam with varying Plastic Moment, and is subjected to load (W) at the ratios as shown in the Figure, using VIRTUAL WORK (Kinematic method). A . A p - a) Determine which span, &5 or BC, will collapse first, and calculate the magnitude of the collapse load (W,) at collapse. b) Calculate the reactions at the supports and draw the Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams for the beam at collapse on the graph paper provided. I13]
QUESTION 3 The portal frame ABCDE shown as Figure 3 in the Annexure is subjected to the loads (V) and (H). The values of the Plastic Moments for each member are shown against the member in the Figure. a) Construct an Interaction Diagram for the frame. b) From the Diagram, determine the collapse Mechanism and the values of the loads (V) and (H) at collapse if the ratio of (V) and (H) is that V = 1.33H. c) With the load values obtained from b) above, calculate the reactions at the supports A and E and draw the Shear Force and Bending Moments for the frame. [20] Total Marks: 50
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