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CE 4352
Civil Engineering
Aug 9, 2023
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me Allowed: 2 Hours UNIVERSITY OF MORATUWA Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineeris B.Sc Semester 7 Examination ngineering CE 4352: TRAFFIC ENGINEERING & PLANNING October 2015 ADDITIONAL MATERIALS Design notes will be provided INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES, This paper contains 3 questions and consists of 7 pages Answer all questions. This examination accounts for 70% of the module assessment. The total maximum nd attainable for this paper is 70. Question | carries 20 marks and the S marks each. The marks allocated for each question & sections mark assigned other two carry thereof are indicated in brackets. This is a closed book examination. Assume reasonable values for any data not given in or with the examination paper, clearly stating on the script such assumptions made If you have any doubt as to the interpretation of the wording of a question, make your own decision, but clearly state it on the script are conducted under the rules & regulations of the University All examinations
Question 1 o) List out (at least 3) impacts that need to be considered in a (TIA). traffic impact assessment 03 marks] b) Discuss the importance of traffic conflict studies when compared to accident d (list atleast 4 factors) [04 marks] ) Briefly explain the importance of computer aided traffic simulations in modern world (02 marks] Critically evaluate the Pa nger Car Unit (PCU) values used intrafic signal design. You may discuss the appropriateness of such values in present conditions. {03 marks] The following speed-flow model is known as the hydrodynamic model/g berg model used in traffic flow analysis. q=ukje ™™, g flow, u- speed, up - speed at capacity, k; - jam density L State one limitation of the mathematical model 1L State the type of traffic flow condition this model is most suited for. (02 marks] 0 Identify 4 factors to be considered when selecting a control strategy for a given 02 marks] intersection, Compare advantages and disadvantages of "underpass" and "overpass" for an urban arterial road that crosses a minor road (identify at least 2 advantages and 2 disadvan B 104 marks]
Question 2 cssways under the Highway Capacity i. Methodology for Capacity Analysis for Expressways under he capacity of highway Manual (HCM) provides the following table for estimation of the capacity of hig d based on your [04 marks] ¢ cap es with its design sp on the capacity varie sections. Give an expl: understanding of the traffic flow theory fundamentals. Freeowspeed | Capacity {FFs) i) peone) 20 w0 | 0 W w | w | aw : 90 ii. Distinguish the difference between time mean speed and space mean speed. Propose a method to caleulate space mean speed of a traffic flow stream on a two lane highway [04 marks] fii. An observer counts 360 vel/h at a specific highway section. Assuming the arrival of vehicles at this highway follows a Poisson distribution, calculate the probability of the 23 between successive vehicles between Ssec-10sec. [04 marks] b) An 800 m long exit ramp from an expressway is controlled by a traffic signal at its end. Cycle time of the raffic signal is 2 minutes and ramp cxit approach get only 1 minute effective green. Exit speed of the vehicles at the beginning of ramp is 54 km/h, Free flow speed of this ramp section is (ur) 60 kb and capacity 1500 velvhr. i. Determine the jam density ki, density at capacity, ko, optimum speed, ug, and density at the beginning of the ramp, k. (Assume traffc flow follows Gre ie.u = - [urkjk ) hield's model, (04 marks] ii. Ideniify the different points on a flow-density curve for the states due to the traffic signa in the above scenario 03 marks] il Caleulatethe speed of the shockwave that will generae due tored signalat the end ofte ramp. (02 marks] iv. What will be the ma imum length of the stationay an cffet due (0 one signal cycle? ucue and ngth of the ramp that will 2 [04 marks]
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