Introduction to Business

Module: Business Ethics

Outcome: Ethical Behavior in Business

What you’ll learn to do: explain how ethical behavior impacts business decisions

compass laying on a map Most people have a moral compass that guides their decision-making and behavior. Since businesses are composed of people, it follows that within any one organization there can be a range of "compasses" guiding people's relationships and work—because what one employee considers to be right or wrong might not be the same as what her coworker or boss thinks. For that reason, it's important for businesses to establish a strong set of moral and ethical standards that it requires all of its employees to meet. Conducting business according to those standards can keep the company on the "straight and narrow" and out of the headlines. In this section you will learn more about the impact of ethical and unethical behavior on business.


The learning activities for this section include:

  • Reading: Ethical and Unethical Business Decisions
  • Self Check: Ethical Behavior in Business

Take time to review and reflect on this activity in order to improve your performance on the assessment for this section.

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