International Business

Module 2: Trade Theory, from Mercantilism to Free Trade

Assignment: The "Trader Ruler Game"

This assignment has TWO parts (1. Play the game and 2. Post to the discussion):

I. To complete Trade Ruler Game you will need to:

  1. Watch the Instructional Video that shows you how to get yourself set up and ready to play
  2. Click on the link for the "Trade Rule Game"
  3. Complete your "rounds" and be sure to record your high score because you will need this for your Discussion Posting

PLAY the Trader Ruler Game  

II. To complete the "Trade Ruler Discussion" -

  1. In your initial post, include your name and your score (i.e., Linda Williams - 57,640). This is your 150 - 200 word post. Post your thoughts on your experience as the Trade Ruler of your Island. In your initial post you should, at a minimum, answer the following:

    1. Which Island did you select?
    2. Why did you select this one?
    3. What would you have done DIFFERENTLY?
    4. What did this teach you about comparative and competitive advantage?

  2. RESPOND to at least TWO of your classmates. (50 - 100 words each)

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