IT Strategic Sol - Task 1

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AEnergy Company - IT Department SWOT Analysis MMT2 2/22/23 Strengths Weaknesses
High Location Security Strong backup Strong Client Relationships Staffed in a Lean Manner Technology Redundancy Opportunities Threats Hiring and Training Employees Internal Technology Implementation Loss of data High Turnover A. Perform a SWOT analysis of the existing IT infrastructure by doing the following: Strengths A energy company has been a strong and successful company for decades known for having a good brand reputation. Some of the strengths of the company include: High Location Security The servers at each location are used for storing data and running programs. They are housed in the cabinets, which have minimal access, granted to the IT director and at least three IT staff members who have been trained and given key access. Strong backup There is a system in place to initiate daily backups initiated by the backup server for every computer in the network, servers, and websites. To ensure strong backup, both internal and external storage devices are utilized. Strong Client Relationships Since A energy company has been around for four generations of family ownership, there is a great relationship between the sales team members and the clients. As the company plans to expand into new regions, the new employees will also create a similar relationship with the new clients they will have, as this will become a company culture. Weaknesses In a company, weaknesses are inevitable, as there is always room for growth and improvement. We have listed a few of the weakness for A energy company:
Staffed in a Lean Manner The lean staffing is a weakness of the company. The Energy Company currently has a minimal workforce, where each employee possesses a significant amount of company-specific knowledge that would be difficult to replace if they were to leave. To retain their skills and knowledge, the company offers above- market salaries for each position. With the company's plans to expand, there will be an increase in staffing, with the goal of establishing two new locations to be geographically closer to their clients. This weakness has a long term effect on the company because of the strain caused on the team, which could lead to weakened work quality and a probability of a high turnover rate. Technology Redundancy Technological redundancy is a method used to ease use in case of an emergency. Having multiple access points allows for service to be redirected through an alternative route in the event of problems with the primary path. This increases cost, as it requires additional equipment and infrastructure to be in place. It is also a weakness because it increases complexity, requiring more management and maintenance of the redundant system. Opportunities Opportunities represent potential areas for growth and improvement in an organization. Identifying these opportunities allows a company to capitalize on positive external factors and create new revenue streams or improve efficiency Hiring and Training Employees Hiring and training employees is an opportunity for A energy because it can help address a key weakness in the organization. By filling open positions when considering an expansion, the company can improve its ability to meet customer demands, complete projects on time, and increase productivity. Additionally, by hiring and training employees, the company can improve its skills and knowledge base and gain access to new ideas and perspectives. Furthermore, hiring and training employees also allows the company to build a strong, loyal workforce, which can lead to lower turnover rates and a more stable workforce. Internal Technology Implementation As A energy continues to explore ideas for effective expansion, the implementation of an internal technology such as slack or discord can be critical to the success. Internal communication allows employees to communicate and collaborate more effectively. This enables a consistent work culture
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