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Module 1 1. The components of the strategic planning process are to identify the various internal and external factors affecting the company's growth. After evaluating the internal and external factors, the company derives its mission, after which it develops objectives. The final step in the process is formulating a strategy. In the case of Roku, the company needs to identify the growing needs of the OTT market, and it must evaluate the features of its platform before formulating the strategy (Pleggenkuhle-Miles et al., 2021). In the case of Aurora, the company must try to gauge the demand for cannabis in untapped markets, and it must evaluate the specialized knowledge of its personnel. 2. Roku's mission is to connect the audience with the content they love, enable content creators to create creative content, and provide advertisers with unique opportunities to advertise their products (Pleggenkuhle-Miles et al., 2021). Aurora's vision is to build a strong and leading global cannabis company through high-quality infrastructure that will lower the costs of production and will enable the company to expand internationally with strong brand differentiation (Moreira, 2020). Both the companies are focused on growth and expansion in their mission statements. 3. Porter's five-point analysis tries to analyze an industry via a study of the factors of competition in the industry, potential new entrants, power of suppliers, power of customers and threat of substitute products (Bruijl, 2018). In the case of Roku, the industry being analyzed is the OTT market. There is intense competition in the OTT market, with more streaming platforms entering the market (Mohajeri et al., 2019, p131). The streaming platforms are judged based on their content, so there is intense competition among the streaming platforms to maintain the quality of content so that it can retain its customers. For a streaming platform like Roku, which is largely dependent on independent producers for the supply of content, the power of suppliers
is also significant. Roku is also dependent on the collaboration with other streaming platforms for the Roku TV, which makes Roku dependent on the other streaming platforms for the sale of their products too. In the medical cannabis industry, there are very few competitors. However, the contenders in the market for medical cannabis is gradually rising, as more research is being conducted regarding the good effects of medical cannabis on various patients. Medical cannabis is an industry which is by large dependent on research and development, for which the industry cannot expand organically. However, the industry faces the challenge of a local market because of the restriction on the use of cannabis in various countries. Medical cannabis can often be substituted with conventional drugs, so the companies must maintain the standard and quality of the cannabis it produces (Childs & Stevens, 2019, p656). 4. The SWOT analysis is meant to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to a company (Vlados& Chatzinikolaou, 2019, p76). Strengths 1. Strong customer base. 2. Great industry experience. 3. Expanding presence in multiple countries (Pleggenkuhle-Miles et al., 2021). Weaknesses 1. Decline in the gross profits due to premium subscriptions. Opportunities 1. Growing demand for diverse content. 2. AI to understand customer demands. Threats 1. Rising competition in OTT space (Mohajeri et al., 2019, p135). 2. Political and cultural tension. 3. Breach of intellectual property rights. Table: SWOT Analysis of Roku
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