Wandiri Socio-Economic Challenges Facing Sudanese Women Refugees In Kasarani Division, Nairobi And

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Nov 19, 2023
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between 192S and 1936 Samburu were completely disarmed. Over 1,800 spears were collected, 5000 people arrested and a ban imposed on carrying of spears109. By focusing on the pastoralist people's lifestyle which was their moral centre of gravity, the deterrence operations worked110. With this objective, and with recommendation by Sir Geoffrey Archer, they also incorporated traditional laws'". While colonialist guaranteed the people fulltime security from rustlers by zealously enforcing the laws, the people in turn respected and obeyed the laws. The said laws included special legislations like the '*1930 Stock and Produce Theft Ordinance which imposed a fine or conviction for theft of stock or produce. It was augmented by the Collective Punishment Ordinance"J which imposed a communal punishment on the offender's community when he could not be apprehended. In this case, community representatives were cited as the offenders. The magistrates could impose fines of at least ten times the value of stocks or produce stolen"4. Otherwise the pastoralists were largely left alone, as long as they obeyed the laws"5. The government posted District Officers, Chiefs and Headmen supported by Anti-Stock theft police units comprising local trackers who became very effective in tracking down stolen livestock and registered a very high success rate. Posts were built near Kraals and manned* 1 111 See Kennedy Agade Mkutu, Guns and Governance in the Rift Valley: Pastoralist Conflicts and Small Arms. (African Issues. 2008), pp. 117. Kennedy Agade Mkutu. Guns and Governance in the Rift Valley: Pastoralist Conflicts and Small Arms. (African Issues. 2008), pp. 33 to 35 Ibid pp. 34. Sir Geoffrey Archer, was the first district administrator of Samburu district alter whom the Town of Archer's Post was named. On recognising the impotency of applying the colonial laws alone Sir Archer emphasised the application of pastoralists' traditional laws and customs alongside intensive disarming and security presence. 1 i: Cap 79, Laws of Kenya, as cited by Kennedy Agade Mkutu, ibid. ;;; cap77,ibid. Kennedy Agade Mkutu. ibid pp 35. citing C. M Dobbs, (Provincial Commissioner. Nyanza) Memorandum on Stock Thieving, dated 22 January 1930: and KNA - PC/NZA/2/5/29. Stock Thefts, General Matters, 1929 - 31. '15 Kennedy Agade Mkutu, op cit. 37
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