Capella University BUS-FPX4013 Keely Odom
After researching different business theories, I decided to explore the human relations management theory. I chose this theory mostly because I work closely to human relations, and I feel that it is highly necessary in any organization. This theory was created by Elton Mayo in the 1920s. Mayo began researching the behavior of people in groups and how it affects individuals in the workplace, known as the Hawthorne studies (Fraraccio, 2023). The human relations management theory is a researched belief that people desire to be part of a supportive team that facilitates development and growth. Therefore, if employees receive special attention and are encouraged to participate, they perceive their work as having significance and are motivated to be more productive, resulting in high-quality work (Fraraccio, 2023). When I read this from one of the articles, it made me realize that people need people, and having a team who is designed to cater to individuals will generate a positive reputation quickly. The service industry is the first industry that comes to mind when I think about human relations. The service industry is made up of a very wide range of organizations from food service to utility service. The employees in this service are relied on to communicate effectively with customers and provide assistance successfully as well. I would recommend companies give more focus to their customers, as I think it is easy for organizations to forget that customers are the foundation of their business. Taking care of their customers also goes hand in hand with taking care of their employees. The employees in a company are crucial, especially when interacting with customers. Shifting a business' mindset is no easy goal, but it is absolutely possible to achieve. One of the most useful changes that can be made is offering e-business, or online options. With
today's technology the majority of people prefer to manage their business completely online whenever possible, and I believe this greatly supports the customer's needs. I could see that a shift in the business mindset could cause the overall performance to drop before there is a rise, which I feel is necessary to go through. I would choose to redesign an existing organization to achieve higher performance. I decided to select a small business in my hometown called Nineteen 96 Nutrition. This local business makes delicious, loaded teas for energy and meal replacement shakes. While it may be a small business, it stays incredibly busy, making the wait time less than convenient. There is only one person working at one-time and only one register to check out at. This means that the same person is making the order and checking out the person, which is bluntly a waste of time. I would add at least one more worker so that there are always two people working at once. This will increase performance by lowering the wait time and allowing one person to prepare orders and one person to check out customers. This change alone would increase the business' performance tremendously and also increase customer satisfaction.
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