Ti BUS 276: Blackboard Quiz Cha_Pter 12- Requires Resbon&us Loci(Mn Browser :'_StaFtEd 10/17/23 1:16 PM : _Submitted 10/17/23 1:27 bM S Pue Date 50/29/23 11:59 PM o j._Status tompletéd i : Attempt Score -1.25 out of 1.25 pointS me Elapsed 11 minutes out of 30 minuteé Results Displayed Submined Answers, Feedback Question 1 0.05 out of 0.05 points An employer can find the incidence rate of injury and illness at the firm by dividing the number of injuries and illnesses by 200,000 and multiplying it with the total hours worked by all employees during the period covered. i Selected Answer: False : Question 2 0.05 out of 0.05 points Eustress 1s the feeling of anxiety one gets after a strenuous workout. Selected Answer: False Question 3 : 0.05 out of 0.05 points Willful. intentional, and nonintentional are the three types of violations as categorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Selected Answer: False 2 | 0.05 out of 0.05 points Question 4 g Senior management at OpTech knew that their equipment was not up to code and could lead to 1_njur}i However. they could not afford to upgrade the equipment ar'lzd chose to continue operations anyway. Under OSHA, OpTech has committed a willful violation.
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