MBA 699 wk 2 Milestone one

1 Guiding Coalition Recommendations Deborah Kwaghko MBA, Southern New Hampshire University MBA-699 Strategic Opportunity Mgmt Dr Perez September 29. 2023.
Guiding Coalition Recommendations Introduction In ongoing efforts to identify potential buyers for the organization, the strategic planning team actively evaluates the exit strategy. It will subsequently provide recommendations to the board of directors. Preliminary analyses are currently underway to facilitate the organization's sales planning. The primary objective at this stage is to establish a guiding coalition within the organization. This report aims to identify individuals within the organization who can shape, lead, and sustain the change process associated with selling the organization. Based on the employee personas report's findings, four individuals have been selected to form part of this guiding coalition. These individuals have demonstrated influence and dedication, essential for making a constructive impact while guiding the change initiative. Recommendation When assembling a team for the guiding coalition, it is imperative to consider four crucial characteristics for effectiveness, as outlined by Kotter(2012): position power, expertise, credibility, and leadership. The selected individuals for this coalition are as follows: 1. Omar, Manufacturing Director 2. John, Research Director 3. Elaine, Acting Director 4. Chris, Sales Executive These individuals possess the requisite qualities needed for effective leadership in this endeavor. Rationale In the following sections, we will provide detailed profiles of each individual chosen for the coalition team and elucidate the rationale behind their selection. 2
Guiding Coalition Recommendations 1. Omar, Director of Manufacturing a. Supervises a workforce of 580 employees. b. Holds three years of tenure within the organization. c. Reports high job satisfaction. Omar brings valuable expertise in acquisitions to the team. His successful track record as a director, overseeing a substantial workforce and navigating acquisitions, lends credibility to his role. His proven performance further enhances his credibility within the company. 2. John, Director of Research a. Manages a team of over 100 scientists. b. Possesses 22 years of experience within the organization. c. Maintains high job satisfaction. John's leadership extends to research laboratories across three different countries. As a founding member of the organization with prior experience in mergers, he plays a crucial role in scientific research. John's extensive tenure within the company positions him as a key influencer when advocating for change. 3. Elaine, Acting Director, a. Oversees 18 senior managers. b. Boasts a decade of experience within the organization. c. Enjoys high job satisfaction. Elaine is renowned for her visionary leadership and adaptability in dynamic circumstances. She holds the director role for senior managers and has significant influence as a decision-maker. Her position of power within the team coalition ensures her pivotal role in shaping outcomes. 4. Chris, Sales Executive 3
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