COUC 505 Observation 2 Day 3 Josiah

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Oct 29, 2023
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COUC 505 V IDEO R ECORDING AND S KILLS O BSERVATION : S KILLS O BSERVATION F ORM T EMPLATE Counselor: Josiah Haugen Client: Madison Poe Observer: Karissa Moeller Link: Quad1Wheelus/_layouts/15/stream.aspx?id=%2Fsites%2FGroup %2DCOUC505393Summer2023%2DQuad1Wheelus%2FShared%20Documents %2FRecordings%2FMeeting%20in%20%5FQuad%201%20Wheelus%5F %2D20230607%5F135123%2DMeeting%20Recording%2Emp4 This form is to be completed by the observer and given to the counselor. The counselor will upload a form from each session (Monday - Thursday). Not Present Minimal Proficient Advanced Eye contact, verbal tone, and attending skills x Facial expression and gestures x Empathy x Being non-judgmental/unconditional positive regard x Active listening x Open-ended questions x Reflection (feelings, meaning, content) x Paraphrasing x Summarizing x Attentive silence Challenging/Confrontation Immediacy x Self-Disclosure Goal setting Wrapping up the session Please share insight with your triad regarding the counseling session: What did the counselor do well? Share at least three ideas. These can be related to session content, process, or a particular skill. Josiah did an excellent job showing nonjudgement and unconditional positive regard to his client. He also showed great active listening skills and asked really great open-ended questions.
COUC 505 Provide at least two areas where you felt the counselor struggled or could do something differently. Share ideas about how they can improve. Josiah really did an amazing job! Perhaps two areas that he could work on could be summarizing more during the session pointing out or immediacy in his client during the session. He did really great!
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