4-1 Assignment

MBA 540 ASSIGNMENT 4-1 MBA 540 Assignment 4-1 Beau Andrea MBA 540: Organizational Strategy in a Global Environment Professor Clarence Clark October 14, 2023
MBA 540 ASSIGNMENT 4-1 This document is intended to be disseminated to all managers at every level to understand business strategy, how it's created, and who is responsible for it. Business strategy is simply the defined plan that the company intendeds to use to create value and gain a competitive advantage within the market. This means that the company will continuously develop a plan on how to be successful within the market the company intends to conduct business in. Business strategies are developed using several key methods such as providing a value to customers within a market, provide a unique set of resources and capabilities to their customers compared to the competitors within the market, and maintain the competitive advantage by ensuring competitors can't mimic the current strategy being executed. The previous instances are all guided by different analyses that are conducted such as external analysis (customer's and the market/industry), the company's mission, and internal analysis (the company's resources and capabilities). Once all the information is gathered, the strategy is formulated by understanding three strategic levels which are corporate strategy, business unit strategy, and functional strategy. Corporate strategy is the understanding of what markets to compete in at the executive level of the organization. Business unit strategy is the decision of how to compete to gain the advantage made at the manager level. The last level is functional strategy which is how to implement the business strategy within areas like operations, information technology, finance, and other key areas that will align with the overall business. Corporate strategy differs from a business unit strategy because corporate strategy focuses on the competitive advantage in several different markets while business unit strategy focuses on a single market. Through corporate strategy, businesses can identify other key markets that they can vertically integrate themselves in to be competitive. Businesses can also conduct horizontal
MBA 540 ASSIGNMENT 4-1 diversification by moving into another market that is not like the current one but also not that far off.
MBA 540 ASSIGNMENT 4-1 References Dyer, J. H., Godfrey, P., Jensen, R., & Bryce, D. (n.d.). Chapter 1 [Dyer] What Is Business Strategy? In Organizational Strategy in a Global Environment. Southern New Hampshire University.
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