Midterm Reflection Memo (2)

Joe McGee Deanna Keller Business Communications 22 October 2023 MEMORANDUM To: Deanna Keller From: Joe McGee Date: October 22, 2023 Subject: Midterm Reflection Memo One positive change I have noticed in the past eight weeks is my improvement in using the 3 x 3 writing process. I have always been good in the first two stages of the process, which are prewriting and drafting. The final stage of the writing process is called rev. I could not spot all the mistakes I made in my writing. As the semester progressed, I figured out that having someone with me to proofread my essay helped me spot the mistakes in my writing that I could not have spotted on my own. After I made that little adjustment, revising my assignments got a lot easier. Another positive change I noticed was that I have not used the "you" view as often. Up until this semester, I have used the "you" view extensively over the course of my life. I would use the "you" view to express my opinion on the topic. However, I learned that using the "you" view too much can give the reader the wrong impression of the message. Ever since I learned that a few weeks ago, I have tried to not use the "you" view as much. I only use the "you" view when it is appropriate to use it.
The main area of writing that I need to focus on is to sound conversational but professional. I am a very conversational type of writer. I write in a way where the reader is connected to me and what I am saying. However, when it comes to sounding conversational and professional at the same time, I have trouble with that. I sound either too conversational, or too professional in my writing. There is no in-between when it comes to me. Another area of writing that I need to focus on is controlling paragraph length. I have always had trouble controlling the length of my paragraphs because I get caught up in writing my opinion to the point where I do not pay attention to how long my paragraphs are. That is the reason why my paragraphs are so wordy and need a lot of editing. I also have trouble spotting where to break up the paragraph into smaller paragraphs because if the words do not transition smoothly into the next paragraph, then the essay does not flow smoothly. I have learned a lot already in this class and we are only halfway through the semester. My writing has gotten substantially better over the course of eight weeks, and I still have much to learn. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the semester. Sincerely, Joe McGee [email protected] Accounting & Finance Major
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