Deliverable 5 - Change Request

PMPG 5004 - Group Assignment Cover Page Instructor Name: Tabitha D'Couto Assignment Name: 5. The Change Request Group Number: No. 4 Date of Submission: July 30, 2023 The following students were present for the group discussion and contributed to the assignment per the RACI chart: Student Name 1. Anirban Dey 2. Himanshu Bhambri 3. Rahul Sharma 4. Ted Robrecht Lor The following students were absent for the group discussion and could not contribute to the assignment: Student Name 1. 2. 3. 4.
2 Meeting Notes Group Number: 4 Date: July 28, 2023 In Attendance: 1. Anirban Dey 2. Himanshu Bhambri 3. Rahul Sharma 4. Ted Robrecht Lor Absent: Meeting Purpose/Agenda: Reviewed the initial template for the Project Change Request Form shared by Anirban. Agreed on the essential fields for the form, including project name, date submitted, submitted by, change request name, change request number, change category, description, justification for the change, impact on scope, schedule, and cost, resource requirements, and associated risks. Ted suggested adding a field for the approval status of the change request. Discussed the importance of including a section for the project sponsor's approval or rejection of the change request. Decisions Made Anirban to incorporate the discussed changes into the form template. Circulate the updated form for review and feedback. Present the final form to the project sponsor for approval.
3 RACI Chart Team Member Task Anirban Dey Himanshu Bhambri Rahul Sharma Ted Robrecht Lor 1. Define Change Request Scope R C A I 2. Evaluate Justification for the Change I R A C 3. Assess Impact on Scope, Schedule, and Cost R A C I 4. Identify Resource Requirements A C I R 5. Analyze Project Risks and Mitigation Strategies C I R A 6. Establish Assumptions I A C R 7. Evaluate Success of Fireworks Display C A R I 8. Prepare Meeting Minutes R I A C 9. Compile Final Report R I I I 10. Submit Status Report R I I I R = Responsible A = Accountable C = Consulted I = Informed Team Leader Declaration (fill in your name) I, Anirban Dey declare that everyone on the team has fulfilled their responsibilities effectively.
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