Planet Express 123 Playground Stret Street Thornhill, ON L4J 5V4 May 20, 2022 Farah Badawi Client Service Vice President Media Moon Inc. Waning Gibbous Drive Sunhill, ON M46 3B2 SUBJECT: FROM THE MOON AND BACK BUSINESS PROPOSAL Dear Ms. Badawi: We Planet Express, are pleased to provide you with invitational business proposal services for your company. Our company provides fast and dependable courier service by airlines and ship transit for our customers around the world. We are the most popular low-cost, high-speed, and carbon-neutral courier service. We provide a supportive work atmosphere that promotes mental health survivors' stability and recovery. Our Marketing Department is looking for a professional advertising agency and we have come across your company, through a peak of our interest with your company's marketing research style. We would like a general advertisement for our company to bring in more potential customers in your country. With a targeted audience for the employees who are in need of faster delivery services across the country back and forth. We would like to know more about Media Moon Inc. and the capabilities of services. Such as, have you worked with any other companies like ours? If so, what worked best for the other courier services? It's also important for us to know about creative work. How much can we edit, review, or redirect work? Most importantly, how is your pricing structured? How do you bill? Hourly or project-based? We can also negotiate more about this matter as we go along. Although we are looking for a dependable and creative service who can start by the 30th of June for this upcoming summer for a vast and better audience. By all means, we would also like to know if your company has a clear cancellation policy regarding this matter. If you have any questions regarding the proposal please feel free to email us at [email protected] . We deeply appreciate a reply from you. Sincerely, Marketing Department Representative
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