Kindness and DHEC - Case Study

Kindness and DHEC 1 Kindness and the Department of Health and Environmental Control Sara H Moody School of Business, Liberty University Author Note Sara H Moody I have no known conflict of interest to disclose. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Sara H Moody. Email: [email protected]
Kindness and DHEC 2 Abstract Kindness is a value organizations should strive to have as a foundation in their organization, a culture top level leaders should demonstrate all the way down to the front lines. The Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) strives to do this for their community and has core values set for employees. Their Core Values invite employees to embrace their responsibility, encourage creative ideas, promote inclusion in teams, provide quality services, and treat everyone with equality. The environment is one that strives to serve their community inside and outside the four walls of the health departments. As often happens, however, there are times when these goals are not upheld by everyone, and ethical leaders need to set the tone by example. Keywords : DHEC, Kindness, leaders, decision making
Kindness and DHEC 3 Kindness and the Department of Health and Environmental Control DHEC has several programs and teams in their agency which help serve the community. Being in the Public Health 3.0 Era, the agency strives to break outside the walls of the health departments to provide services. With DHEC's vision as "Health people living in healthy communities'' ( About Us | SCDHEC , n.d.), they strive to show kindness in all their Core Values. DHEC encourages their employees to share innovative ideas, promote psychological safety during meetings and training, and strive to provide the best service they can to their clients and community partners. People often think kindness is simply treating a person the way you want to be treated, but there is a deep meaning, a Biblical meaning, which some people do not understand. Kindness is striving to do actions for others without expecting anything in return, meaning providing services without wanting to be recognized, taking the time to understand others, and treating everyone equally no matter how different they may seem. For DHEC, this means on the employee level as well as on the customer/client level. DHEC strongly believes in a culture of kindness within the Agency. When employees start, they go through multiple training sessions on behaving appropriately in the workplace. Eric, the lead of the Finance Team, has been with the Agency for six years. He supervises four employees Bob, Charlie, Eli, and Sasha. Sasha, a new addition to the team, is hoping to make a career within the Agency. Eric has made it a point to let Sasha know that DHEC takes behavior very seriously, and that team members are expected to work together. In her first 2 months on the job, Eric presents his team with a huge project. This project is highly dependent on funding and making sure the Agency does not go over budget. Eric holds a team meeting to discuss the project and assign tasks to each of his employees. Background of DHEC
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