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BCOM 3360
Oct 25, 2023
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BOBBIE A. HALLMON Arlington, TX 76014 682 201 0778 [email protected] LinkedIn Profile October 3, 2023 John or Jane Doe Title Company Name Address City, ST Zip Dear _______: Earlier today, I noticed your job posting on _________________ for a _________. I have attached for your review and consideration my resume. I meet or exceed all of your stated qualifications. There are three reasons to strongly consider my candidacy. First, I have trained a team of over 150 employees while working at a nationally known wing restaurant. While working as a lead trainer at Plucker's, I was in charge of creating a filing system and organizing over 100 employee files. I instructed up to three new employees at a time for four days a week. I excelled in instructing and demonstrating the procedures and code of conduct for the company. Second, I am responsible for local bakery operations that are experiencing 25% growth year over year. I was able to reduce marketing spending by $2,000 by learning social media techniques instrumental in promoting company goods and services. My attendance at major food festivals around the DFW area increased the clientele by 60 to 80 people, resulting in an increase of more than 25% for the year. Third, I have used marketing and networking techniques to deliver fast results. Last year I was responsible for hiring up to 100 business officials to volunteer for our leadership workshop for future business leaders. By promoting our workshop through social media and my networking capabilities, I was able to recruit over 80% of the business executives in 40 minutes. My marketing and networking strategies played a significant part in recruiting all of those executives in a short amount of time. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you how my training and experience can assist you in meeting your objectives. Please contact me at 682 201 0778 or [email protected] to arrange a time to meet. I'm looking forward to hearing favorably from you soon. Sincerely, Bobbie Hallmon
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