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MBA 530
Oct 30, 2023
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MBA 530 GROW Model Template Name: Date: 08/6/2023 Identified Trends 1. Employees feel that our company does not care about them. The approval rating in this category has fallen from 75% four years ago, to 70% two years ago, to 60% this year. This statistic leads into the next trend noticed. 2. Employee job satisfaction has fallen from 48% four years ago, to 41% two years ago, to 35% this year. I believe these last two categories are directly related to each other. There has been a significant drop in each over the last four years. 3. The percentage of employees who trust their supervisor is 24%. This is a shockingly low number and is down 9% from two years ago, and 15% from four years ago. This also directly ties into job satisfaction. Employee Survey Results Data 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 60 70 75 My company cares about its employees This year vs two years ago vs four years ago Employee Satisfaction %
Four years ago Two years ago Current year 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 48 41 35 I am very satisfied with my job Four years ago Two years ago Current year 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 39% 33% 24% I trust my supervisor Focus Areas 1. The first area that needs to be addressed is employee trust in the company. If employees do not believe that the company or its leaders care about them, they will not work to their fullest potential or they will outright leave the company. 2. We need to place a focus on our leaders acting in just and ethical ways. We want honest leaders who place value in our employees. This will allow us to hire good employees in the future.
3. We need to place a focus on making good use of our employees' skills and abilities. By doing this our company can be more productive, boost profits, and improve morale. Reality—Current State 1. Employee trust in the company and its supervisors is only at 24%. This number needs to be significantly raised or we risk losing all our employees or being able to hire new ones. This seems to have not been a focus lately. 2. Only 35% of our employees believe our leaders act in just and ethical ways. This is down 18% from four years ago. Clearly this needs to be addressed. We need to make sure our leaders are doing things the right way for the company and not harming it or its employees. 3. Employee belief in us focusing on our employees' skills and abilities has dropped 16% in the last four years. Our company will be more effective if we use our employees to their fullest potential. We clearly are not adequately judging skills and talents correctly. Desired Future State—Where Would You Like to Be? 1. Trust in our supervisors needs to be raised at least back up to the high 30's within two years. This sounds modest, but it would represent a 15% improvement. This would show that our company is taking steps towards earning our employees trust back. 2. Trust in our leaders acting in just and ethical ways should be raised to 50% within two years. This will not have gotten us back to where we were four years ago, but it will be 15% progress and mean half our employees once again believe in our morality. 3. Using our employees' skills and abilities correctly would ideally be back up to 55% in two years. This would be a manageable 12% improvement. It would mean our employees are happier and more productive. Identified Gaps—Obstacles 1. An obstacle might be in regaining employee trust in management. With trust levels as low as they are, it could take significantly longer to get to our desired goals within two year unless there is quick buy-in. The culture right now is of deep mistrust and that has been earned. Change is not always quick. 2. An obstacle could be that our managers need more training to better act in just and ethical ways. Human resource classes on morality and leadership take time and money to do correctly. This an expenditure of money that is a barrier that needs to be overcome. 3. An obstacle with this could be that our employees lack the necessary skills required to do the job and managers are getting the best out of them that they can. A boost in skill level could be needed. Goal Revision 1. This goal of employee trust should remain the same. Having employee trust in the high 30% range should be a minimum threshold to hit. If the company cannot reach that in two years, problems are much greater.
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