Write up #2

Write Up #2 1. The protagonist of Losing Steam at Eventorama is Hadeon. He works at Eventormama, which specializes in avant-garde events for the city's burgeoning arts community. He started off as a part-time worker making twelve dollars an hour and eventually worked his hardest to continually get raises every couple of months. Eventually, he worked his way up to as high of a position as he could. Since he could no longer be promoted, he started to lose interest in his job and as the first sentence says, he was, "trying to convince himself to turn off the ignition and go into work. The advice I would give the protagonist Hadeon is to use his hard working lifestyle and experiences from Eventorama and find a different, larger company where he can work his way up and have goals within the company. 2. The framework that I will apply is expectancy theory. I believe this works best for Hadeon because at the start of the story, he tells us how many of his colleagues quit their job at the start because they did not enjoy the work and the pay was not enough. He, however, thought about raises and respect if kept working as hard as he could. Now that he has risen through the ranks, he is only getting extrinsic rewards, not intrinsic. I believe that expectancy theory is the best option because he worked so hard when there was something to be gained. He can find another job that helps him accomplish his goals and allows him to grow in the company.
3. The first action step that Hadeon should take is to explore other companies and job opportunities. These companies should not only be large companies where he can work through the ranks, but also companies that keep his own personal goals in mind. These companies should allow him to move based on his work ethic and performance, not if he has an advanced degree. This new search should increase his motivation and have him feel how he did when he started his job at Eventormama. The next step I would take is to analyze these decisions and pick one of the companies. This company would fit his goals and help him work through the ranks. 4. The results could be measured by the amount of offers that he receives from these other companies. This would show him the success that he has from his experiences. Another would be the amount of time spent in his car before work. This would show if he truly liked his job, or if he sat in the car for a long time, how much he hates it. A consequence of my advice could be he switches into this new lifestyle, but then hates it even more than his first job. He could end up disliking it too much. To overcome this, he could ask the job recruit as many questions as he wants, do research about the company and how the work is, and ask someone that works there now about their experience. Overall, I think that he needs to take some sort of steps to fix his problems and I believe my advice would be the best for him.
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