- Test Bus 276: Blackboard Quiz Chapter 10- Requires Respondus LockDown Browser Started A0/BR3gIAAM. H 0 Submitted 10/16/23 9:49 AM Due Date 10/29/23 11:59 PM Status Completed Attempt Score 1.3333 out df 1.3333 poinfs Tihe Elapsed 1 5 minutes out of 30 minutes Results Displayed Submitted Answers, Feedback Question 1 0.04444 out of 0.04444 points Under the Scanlon plan or Improshare program. psychological ownership can play a stronger role than financial ownership in employee performance. Selected Answer: True ! ' Question 2 i . 0.04454 out of 0.04454 points A big advantage of piecework systems is that the wage payment 1s simple to compute. Selected Answer: True Question 3 ! 0.04444 out of 0.04444 points A problem often encountered with merit raises is that employees may not believe that their compensation is tied to effort and performance. and they may not be able to differentiate between merit pay and other types of pay increases. Selected Answer: True Question 4 i 0.04444 out of 0.04444 points Pay for emplovees on the production line at Globisys is based on the number of units that roll off their line each day. Because they receive a specified payment for each unit. they are paid under a straight piecework program.
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