Venture asssignment 7

1 ENM5420 - Tech Commercial strategy ENM 5420 - Tech Commercial Strategy Venture Challenge Assignment 7
2 ENM5420 - Tech Commercial strategy 1. What location have you selected? Why? We selected major cities which are highly developed and having high population. The main reason for this project is to deliver food, grocery, and medicine faster. In the main city there will be an issue for parking, traffic so this type of deliveries will work more and more. Time saving More people more business Low delivery charge Money can be saved for marketing as city boost online visibility More benefit on city as we can manage operations easier. Area like geographically challenged places like tourism islands, mountains are the places where this type of delivery is more useful, and the technology is adopted faster. This innovation will work in all over the places as even in rural areas the delivery charge is higher as they have store, restaurants and pharmacies are in far distances this delivery makes them to order from home with low delivery charge. Mostly near educational institution need to be targeted in the beginning as students are more interested with this type of new innovative technology and then later everybody gets used to it. 2. Describe what functions your venture might outsource. Mainly in this type of venture the plan of outsourcing with different companies Vulcan UAV Airlift: this type of drone Company will create drone that can be used for outsourcing as planning for basic capacity of weighing minimum 50 lbs. and it has GPS, camera etc. the product will deliver exactly to the person by door to door. Advertisement outsources will be use by social media advertisers like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter. Warehouse maintenance team The plan for Website development is on processed by HUEMOR, GENIUSEE they can handle this type websites as well as creating. Making people friendly applications as easy to access and order. Mainly outsourcing of customer service with small scale companies in the beginning which can handle few things like understanding the requirements, knowledgeable about the service, capturing customer feedback, responding customer queries, Respect your customer timings.
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